The GED Language Arts, Writing Test

What Kind of Test is this? The GED Writing Skills Test consists of two parts; Part 1 is a multiple-choice test. In this part, several passages will be followed by questions about the sentences within the passage. Some questions will ask you to locate errors, while other questions may ask you to restate an idea in different words. These questions will check your knowledge of sentence structure, standard usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

In Part 2 of the GED Writing Skills Test, you will be given 45 minutes to write an essay on a topic provided for you. You will not be given a choice of topics, but you will not need any special information or knowledge in order to write the essay. In addition, the topic will draw on your general knowledge and ask you to explain something about a common issue or problem. In this part of the GED Writing Skills Test, an understanding of grammar and usage will not be enough to succeed. In addition, to be successful on Part 2 you should be able to plan and organize your thinking on a given issue, and you should be able to communicate these thoughts clearly on paper.

What does the test look like? On Part 1 there are 55 multiple-choice questions based on six or seven short passages, each ten to twelve sentences long. You will be given 75 minutes to complete the test. Part 2 of the test consists of a single topic on which you will be given 45 minutes to write.

What’s on the Test? Part 1 of the GED Language Arts, Writing test can be broken down into the following content areas:

Sentence Structure 35%
Usage 35%
Mechanics (spelling,
Punctuation, and capitalization) 30%

All three of the areas listed above will contain questions of the following types:

Sentence Correction 50%
Sentence Revision 35%
Construction Shift 15%