The GED Language Arts, Reading Test

What kind of test is this? The GED Language Arts, Reading Test consist of prose passages of two hundred to four hundred words and poetry passages of eight to twenty-five lines. Each passage is followed by four to eight multiple-choice questions. These questions required you to interpret selections from popular literature, classical literature, and commentaries about literature and the arts. You will read a prose, drama, or poetry passage and answer questions based on it. To answer successfully, you will need to:

Be able to interpret prose and poetry passages

Understand what you read
Apply information to a new situation
Analyze elements of style and structure in passages

Be able to show that you can:

You already do many of these different kids of thinking in daily life.

What does the test look like? There are 45 multiple-choice questions, and you will be given 65 minutes to complete the test.

What is on the test? The GED Language Arts, Reading Test can be broken down into the content areas it covers and the skills it tests.

These subjects make up the content of the test:

Popular Literature 50%
Classical Literature 25%
Commentaries about Literature and the Arts 25%

They include selections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and commentaries about literature and the arts.

Remember that you are being tested on your ability to think about certain ideas and concepts. You will be asked to do more than just find an answer that was given in a passage.

Thinking skills that you will be tested on include:

Understanding Ideas 60%
Applying Ideas 15%
Analyzing Ideas 25%