GED Preparation

GED preparation classes are available for students to study for the General Educational Development exam. The length of study time depends on how much a student devotes to studying and the level at which the student begins.  Students may take practice tests to determine how successful they would be on the GED exam.

When a student has finished their GED preparation courses they will need to make an appointment to take the official GED exam with Advising & Testing at (541) 278-5931.

A school release is required before an individual, less than 18 years old, may attempt the test.  A fee of $125.00 is required at the time of the first test. This fee pays for the following five parts of the GED tests.  However, it does not cover a re-test if necessary.

Language Arts, Writing (parts 1 & 2)
Social Studies
Language Arts, Reading
Mathematics (part 1 & 2)

BMCC students who earn a GED can choose to participate in the BMCC Commencement ceremony held in June.


  • Contact BMCC College Prep via phone at 541-278-5803 or email at for days and times of orientation.
  • Attend orientation 
    • Bring Photo ID
    • Know your Social Security number.
  • Register for class
  • Pay class fee $25 plus $4 tech fee per class
  • Attend class
  • Set up Advising/Registering appointment at Orientation
  • Meet with advisor

GED Testing Schedule

Online GED Academy Available $70 fee

Benefits include:

  • Study at your convenience
  • Use your own computer (or use the college lab)
  • Access to a live teacher via email or telephone
  • Interactive problem solving
  • Real world Applications
  • Peer support