Business Technologies - Hospitality & Tourism

Careers in the hospitality industry continue to show growth. Hospitality and tourism is the second largest industry in the country and the employment outlook for the industry is excellent.

In addition, tourism is the fastest growing industry in Oregon. The Oregon Employment Department estimates by year 2012 the hospitality industry will be Oregon’s second largest employer. (Oregon Tourism Commission, May 2005)

Across the state, tourism and hospitality is valued by our businesses. According to Dean Runyan Associates, visitors in 2004 spent around $6.9 billion on goods and services from Oregon’s tourism-related industries—a 6 percent increase from the year before. It is estimated tourism employment was nearly 90,000 with a payroll of $1.8 billion. (WorkSource Oregon Employment Newsletter, May 2005)

There is a strong demand for managers with formal education in hospitality and tourism management. BMCC offers two curriculum programs for training in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality, Tourism and Management
(One-Year Certificate)

The Hospitality, Tourism and Management certificate is designed to introduce students to the growing field of the Hospitality industry including tourism, travel and management.

This program combines business and hospitality related online classes, on-campus classes and cooperative work experiences to offer students a look into the day-to-day experiences at various hospitality and tourism job sites.

The business courses will focus on increasing each student’s business, management, oral and written communications, and technology skills. The hospitality courses will focus on the hospitality field, travel and tourism, customer service, meeting/event planning and hotel, restaurant and travel law.

The certificate helps prepare students for entry-level positions in management as well as the professionalism necessary for business success and upward mobility in the hospitality and tourism industry, The coursework in this one-year certificate transitions easily into the Hospitality Management AAS Degree.

For more information contact Melinda Platt of the Business Department at 541.278.5737 or by email at

Hospitality Management
Two-Year, Associate of Applied Science

The A.A.S./Hospitality Management degree is an advanced instructional program that prepares individuals to manage operations and facilities that provide food and/or lodging services to the traveling public or the communities around them.

At the completion of the coursework students will have gained skills in hospitality industry principles; supplies purchasing, storage, and control; hotel and restaurant facilities design and planning; hospitality industry law; personnel management and labor relations; financial management; facilities management; marketing and sale promotion strategies; convention and event management; front desk operations; and applications to specific types of hotel, motel, and/or restaurant operations.

Students who complete this type of degree can have a competitive advantage in applying for management positions. In addition, the prospect for students to gain the confidence and necessary business skills to develop tourism/hospitality entrepreneurship opportunities is enhanced.

For more information contact Melinda Platt of the Business Department at 541.278.5737 or by email at