Diagnostic Imaging - Program Information

ESTIMATED PROGRAM COSTS: $16,500 (subject to change)

PROGRAM DATES: June 24, 2013 through March 20, 2015

FA13 Pre-admission Course Requirements

All coursework must be completed by the end of Fall 2012 AND must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

  • Anatomy & Physiology: BI231 or equivalent course. 
  • Medical Terminology I: BT251 or equivalent course.
  • College Algebra : MTH111 or an equivalent math course (Must have been completed after June 18, 2008)
  • HE/PE: HE252, HPE295, PE291, PE292 or at least 3 credits in PE185 or an equivalent course.
  • Communication: COM100, 111, or 112 or an equivalent speech course.
  • Writing:  WR121 or an equivalent writing course
  • Cultural Literacy Perspective(1 course):   ANTH103, COM115, COM237, ENG107-109, ENG240, ENG253, ENG260, GEOG103, GEOG120, HST201-203, SOC204, SOC205, SOC206, SOC213, SOC217 or other coursework that is equivalent to courses listed on page 182-184 of LBCC’s 2012/13 Academic Catalog.
  • Science & Society: ANS121, BI101-103, BI211-213, CH221-223, G101, G103, G201-203, GS104, GS105, PHY201-203, or PHY211-213


Additional Support Courses for additional admission points are:

Courses must be completed with grade of "C" or better.

  • Anatomy & Physiology: BI232, 233 (maximum 4 pts)
  • College level Biology with lab: BI101, 103, 211, 212, or 213 (maximum 2 pts) 
  • College level Chemistry with lab: CH104 or higher (maximum 2 pts) 
  • College level Physics with lab: PHY201, or 203 (maximum 2 pts)
  • General Science with lab: GS104, GS105, or GS106 (maximum 2 pts)
  • Digital Literacy: CS120 (maximum 2 pts)
  • Medical Terminology II: BT252 (maximum 2 pts)
  • Psychology:  PSY201 or PSY203 (maximum 2 pts)
  • Humanities:  HST201, 202, or 203, or SOC204, 205, or 206 (maximum 2 pts)