Customized Training – Update on Technology Skills

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photo_elect1Electronics field... Your employees on rapidly changing technology

Nothing is as certain as change. All the technical knowledge we work with today will represent 1% of the knowledge that will be available in 2050*. Electronic “eyes” already spot tiny defects in French fried potatoes, sensors radio mechanical problems from long-haul trucks in operation, and unmanned tractors till fields 24/7 using satellite positioning systems.

Whether you’re processing insurance claims or managing natural resources, your employees’ skills have to keep pace with advances in technology, or you’ll be out of business.

National certification programs in office software, customer service, and ammonia refrigeration are just three examples of customized training available to keep pace with technology through your BMCC Customized Training Center.

*Marvin Cetron and Owen Davies, ”Trends Shaping the Future,” The Futurist, March-April 2003