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... Effectively and affordably

The basis for effective training is solid course design, content, and delivery. Our Customized Training Center staff use national skills databases, expert systems software, and proven course materials to specify training that meets the specific needs of your business. Our Instructors are drawn from a regional pool and assessed for their content expertise and ability to teach in commercial and industrial settings. Our delivery technology includes a mix of classroom aids, computers, interactive TV, and Internet tools.

The basis for affordable training is Design For Results. DFR means:

  • No pieces missing from the training
  • No time wasted on unrelated training
  • Efficient training tools
  • Experienced staff
  • Measurable improvement in trained employee performance

Because the Center is part of a statewide group of Centers (the Business and Industry Training System), we have access to proven course designs and materials. You get the highest quality training at below typical delivery cost.

Sample training designs and materials are always available on request.