Customized Training – McCormack Construction

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McCormack Construction keeps project costs under control by using the Internet to place orders for tools and supplies right from the job site. CEO Dave Fischell knows “…the days when one or two people back at the office were the only ones with computer skills are gone. Now a foreman on a jobsite can use his cell phone and laptop to place orders with suppliers and get an immediate response.”

BMCC’s Customized Training Center provided 2 hours of Internet training once a week for 5 weeks at BMCC facilities so McCormack employees could come in from the field, learn, and not be interrupted by calls and meetings.

Whether you’re interested in software, customer service, or safety training, contact BMCC’s Customized Training Center for a free needs assessment and written estimate. Ask for Jill Pursel at (541) 276-6233, or toll free 1-888-441-7232. Email:

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