Looks like a computer, sounds like a computer, runs like a computer. Must be a computer, right? WRONG! Check out the newest addition to the machines you can use in the BMCC Library!

What you see is an example of the Thin Client terminals that will soon be available for visitors to the BMCC Library to use. Mostly, you won't notice any differences up front. Here's what stays the same:



  • Flash drives still work: Sandisk, thumb drive, jump drive, stick drive, whatever you call 'em, you can still plug in and save to or read from 'em.
  • Full web access: Nothin' new to access the web: open up a browser and go! That includes eCompanion and distance education stuff online.
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2007: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and more! They're all still here.
  • Email and files: If it's on the web, you're still there. Send files to your email Inbox, send assignments to your professors -- everything stays the same!

There are a few differences, too:

  • No CPU box: See that little thing on the left? That's it for the box, meaning more space for your stuff.
  • Fast! Fast! FAST! We're replacing our older machines with these, so you'll really notice the speed increase!
  • No CD Drive: There's no place to put a disk, so CDs and DVDs won't work on these machines. Don't worry! We still have machines to run your CDs!

There's a lot more subtle, little things that you'll see when you start using the machines. We're replacing come of our older computers with these over the holiday break, so they should be ready for you when you get back. Swing by the library and give them a try!