Tutoring Program

It is our goal at BMCC to provide as many resources as possible to facilitate students’ academic success. Part of being a successful student is taking advantage of the help available before you get to the point of feeling overwhelmed and/or are in danger of failing your courses. BMCC offers tutoring to help support students in their academic pursuit. BMCC strives to provide a wide range of tutor availability, meeting the needs of all of our students, whether they are on-site at one of our many locations or at a distance via online learning. We have drop-in tutoring available at most of our locations providing both peer and professional tutors, who are also trained to use Blackboard Collaborate and ITV. Blackboard Collaborate is an online program that can be accessed from the comfort of a student’s home by scheduling a session with one of our on-site tutors and logging into the session at the time allotted. ITV is interactive television; this is offered through all of BMCC’s
campuses and requires that you be on a campus to access a tutor. BMCC has also purchased Smarthinking, an online program that provides students 24/7 access to live tutors. Smarthinking provides assistance in writing, math, accounting, statistics, finance, economics, biology, anatomy & physiology, physics, chemistry, office applications, and Spanish. Students who have used Smarthinking have favorable reports for help with homework and have stated that they would recommend this service to friends.
The tutoring program is provided at no cost to all BMCC students and is largely funded by our Associated Student Government (ASG) as a service to students with additional support from the Carl Perkins Grant for technical fields. Students interested in getting tutoring can access a tutor schedule online at www.bluecc.edu/tutor, check the schedule in the Student Learning Center, or complete an online tutor request form.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)