Placement Assessment

Many courses at BMCC have pre-requisite course requirements. Placement assessment is required if you intend to take a course that has a pre-requisite requirement and have not already taken the required course at a college or university. In addition, degree-seeking students may need to complete placement assessment for computer literacy. You are encouraged to review the topics covered in the placement assessment. Our testing center can recommend a variety of study tools. BMCC uses a self-paced, computerized assessment designed to determine your level of academic ability in each of these subject areas. The scores are used to assist you and your advisor in placing you in the correct course.
If you have taken a pre-requisite course from another college or university, you will need to provide the Advising and Testing Center with a copy of your unofficial grade transcript to determine proper placement in courses at BMCC. Note: You must have passed your pre-requisite course with a grade of “C” or higher. If you have taken an assessment from another college within the last two years, you may submit evidence of it to the Advising and Testing Center on the Pendleton campus in lieu of having to take the assessment at BMCC. Placement assessment scores are valid for two years. If you took a placement assessment at BMCC or another college more than 2 years ago and have not taken a required pre-requisite course since that time, you will be required to take the placement assessment in that subject area.
All BMCC locations administer placement assessments. Dates and times for testing are posted on the college Website, or you can call 541-278-5931. If you are a newly admitted, degree-seeking, student at BMCC and have paid the $25 admission fee, there is no charge for the placement assessment. If you are not a degreeseeking
student and have not paid the admission fee, there is a $10 fee for taking the initial placement assessment for math, writing, reading, and computer literacy. Students wishing to retake the assessment in a subject area will be charged $5 for each retest.
The scores will be uploaded each day to provide the most current information to your advisor to assist you in planning an appropriate course schedule. BMCC does not use placement assessment scores to determine admittance to the college. If you disagree with your placement recommendation for writing, you may be referred to the academic department for further placement advising and possible further testing. Should you disagree with your math placement you may request to take a challenge test.
To request a placement assessment with accommodations due to a documented disability please contact the t Director of advising, testing and student disability services at 541-278-5958.
All students completing a one-year certificate or two-year degree program are required to meet our computer literacy requirement prior to graduating. There are two options to meet this requirement. They are:
  1. Take and pass the IC3 Exam: score an average of 75% or higher on IC3 exams. If you are a newly admitted, degreeseeking, student at BMCC and have paid the $25 admission fee, there is no charge for the computer literacy assessment. If you are not a degree-seeking student and have not paid the admission fee, there is a $10 fee for taking the assessment for computer literacy. Students wishing to re-take the assessment will be charged $5 for each retest.OR
  2. Take and pass one of the following courses with a grade of “C” or better: AGR111, CS120, BA131, or ED235.
Students completing the IC3 Exam with a score of 85% or higher are eligible to request the Credit-By-Exam (CBE) option. Students must complete and return the CBE form along with payment to
the Pendleton Service Center.
Students with an average score of 85-90 percent will receive a grade of B and those with an average score of 91-100 percent will receive a grade of A. CBE credits are reflected on BMCC’s transcripts with the exam identifier of (CH) next to the course title. Example: CS120 (CH)
Please work with your advisor to determine which option best fits the needs of your degree.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)