Grading System


The quality of your work is measured by a system of grades and by computed grade-point averages. All assigned courses, regardless of curriculum, are included when determining a cumulative grade-point average while attending BMCC.
The grading system consists of the following:
Grade   Points
A Superior 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Inferior 1
F Failure 0
FA Failure - Attendance 0
P Pass 0
NP No Pass 0
INC Incomplete 0


Only grades of A, B, C, D, F, and FA are considered in the computation of grade point averages. All other grades will be disregarded in the calculation of your GPA; however, other grade marks and enrollment status will affect financial aid and athletic eligibility.
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Your grade point average (GPA) is calculated as follows: take the number of points from the table above for each grade that you received and multiply it by the number of credits for that course; then repeat the process for each course in which you received a grade of A, B, C, D, F, or FA. Add all of the results together and then divide by the total credit hours in which grades A, B, C, D, F, or FA were received. Note: If a course is repeated, only the most
recent grade is used in computing the GPA unless the course is designated as repeatable in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog.
Grade Definitions:
A/4: Superior: An indication that the student has met the state outcomes and course criteria at the highest level, demonstrating mastery of required knowledge and skills.
B/3: Above Average: An indication that the student has meet the stated outcomes and course criteria at a high level, demonstrating mastery of most required knowledge and skills.
C/2: Average: An indication that the student has met the stated outcomes and course criteria with sufficient mastery of enough of the required knowledge and skills to be capable of success in other courses that require this course as a prerequisite.
D/1: Below Average: An indication that the student has only minimally met the stated outcomes and criteria of the course but may not have sufficient mastery of enough of the required knowledge and skills to be capable of success in other courses that require this course as a prerequisite.
F/0: Failure: An indication that the student has participated in the course but, has not adequately met the stated outcomes and criteria of the course.
FA/0: Failure-Attendance: An indication that the student did not participate (either by attendance or by online participation) in a significant amount of the course and, as a result, has not adequately met the stated outcomes and criteria of the course. Instructors assigning this grade must provide a Last Date of Attendance (LDA) to satisfy Federal Title IV aid requirements.
INC (Incomplete): Your instructor(s) may assign an incomplete grade when the quality of your completed work is satisfactory but the course has not been completed for reasons acceptable to the instructor. At least sixty percent (60%) of your course work must be completed for an incomplete grade to be given. An incomplete grade must be made up within a maximum of one calendar year from the date that the incomplete appears on the grade report; however, you and your instructor may choose a shorter time in which to complete the course work. Incomplete Grade Contracts are submitted by the instructor of the course at the time grades are submitted and do not require your signature. The Registrar’s Office will maintain and monitor INC contracts for the college. If your instructor does not return your completed INC contact to the Registrar’s Office providing your final grade earned by the contract deadline date, the alternative grade indicated on the contract will automatically be entered into your permanent record. It is your responsibility to complete the work agreed upon and the instructor’s responsibility to submit the final grade earned in a timely manner to the Registrar’s Office. Grade
changes after the end of the contract will not be processed
without prior approval from the vice president of instruction.
P/NP (Pass/No Pass): If you wish to use the P/NP option you must: Elect to do so by the end of the fourth week of the term. Once you declare the P/NP grading option, no changes in grading can be made. 
Submit an application for the P/NP grading option to the Registrar’s Office. Before submitting this form to the Registrar’s Office, you must first collect the signature of the instructor of the course for which you are exercising this option. 
You may apply a maximum of 12 program or elective credits with a grade of P toward a degree at BMCC. This number would include pass grades earned in regular BMCC classes and those earned from another college or university. This number does not include pass grades earned in course work with obligatory pass grades or advanced placement credits transcribed as pass.
The P/NP option is not available in courses being repeated by the student, in courses required for a degree, or in courses in the core area required for an AAOT/AS degree (pass grades would be accepted in advanced placement test credit.).
The P grade denotes a level of accomplishment of C or better.
Pass grades from other institutions will be examined on an individual basis. If the registrar determines that the course meets or exceeds BMCC requirements, then credit may be granted.
If you are planning to transfer to a four-year institution, you should determine the policy of that school before electing the P/NP option at BMCC.
When computing credits earned and GPA, the Registrar’s Office treats the P/NP credits as follows:
  • The pass credits will be transcribed as credits earned and will not be computed in the grade point average.
  • The no pass credits will show on the transcript as credits attempted and will not be computed in the grade point average.
R (Repeat): Assigned when you have repeated a course that is not repeatable for credit. If you repeat a course, the college will count the grade received for your most recent attempt. All other attempts at the course where a grade of A, B, C, D, F, FA, or INC was given will be changed to a grade of R on your transcript.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)