Grade Point Average (GPA) Renewal Policy

Students who have previously attended BMCC and have earned poor grades often feel discouraged about trying again. In order to encourage these students, Blue Mountain Community College has established a GPA renewal policy.
If you have returned to BMCC after an absence of at least two years and have subsequently passed two academic quarters of work of at least 12 credit hours each quarter with a 2.00 GPA or better, you may petition the registrar to implement the GPA renewal policy. If the petition is accepted, grades for the term chosen, and for all prior terms, will be changed to no credit (NC). All courses previously taken will remain on the transcript, but the grade point average will be adjusted. A notation will appear on your transcript indicating that the GPA renewal policy was implemented. All courses included in the GPA renewal policy will still be counted as attempted for the purposes of federal financial
aid eligibility.
This policy may be used only once. You must be enrolled in at least one credit hour at the time that the policy is implemented. Once the grade renewal process has taken place the student may not request to have the process reversed. Any courses taken at another college and transferred to BMCC are not subject to the provisions of this policy and are not included in this policy.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)