Enrollment Status

In addition to the previously listed grades, other enrollment-status indicators may be entered on your grade report or transcript. These include AU (audit), CIP (course in progress), MSG (missing grade), and W (withdrawal). 

AU (Audit)
This is NOT a grade. It is an enrollment status and must be declared at the time of registration for the course. See the Audit Policy section for more information. 
CIP (Course in Progress)
CIP is an enrollment status used when a course is scheduled to continue from one academic term into the next. The CIP is not a terminal grade but is, rather, a state of progress used until the ending date of the class. At the time a course is scheduled to conclude, the CIP status will be replaced by a grade.
H (High School Diploma)
The designation of H indicates that the variable-hour course was taken as part of a student’s adult high school diploma program and that was not completed in a particular term.
W (Withdrawal)
A grade of W indicates that you followed the formal withdrawal procedure and withdrew from the course during the term after the 100% refund period for the term or course. This designation is not used in computing GPA. A W is not punitive. It simply indicates that you withdrew from the course and therefore received no grade.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)