Retail Management Certificate

 Business and Management
 Human Resources

Intended Program Outcomes:

This certificate program focuses on developing core skills needed for entry-level sales or management positions in the retail industry. This one-year certificate program is designed to assist the student in realizing the following outcomes:


  • Define the different types of retail outlets and related principles for successful businesses
  • Illustrate unique, competitive marketing strategies for retailers including advertising, public relations, and sales promotion packages
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the computer and information services for business-related activities
  • Understand the principles and methods for human resource/human relations management
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve mathematical problems commonly encountered in hospitality-related business settings
  • Utilize the technical skills for keeping business records and preparing financial statements
  • Write effective routine, routing, and persuasive styles of written communication
  • Employ successful verbal communication in a variety of settings

BA131 Introduction to Bsuiness Computing 4
BA224 Human Resource Management 3
BA211 Principles of Accounting 4
BA104  Business Mathematics 4
or MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (or higher) (5)
TERM 1 Total 15
TERM 2  
BA249 Retail Selling 3
BA223 Prinicples of Marketing 4
BA285 Human Relations in Business 3
WR121 English Composition 4
Business Electives 3
TERM 2 Total 17
TERM 3  
Business Electives 4
BA214 Business Communications 3
BA206 Principles of Management 4
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech 4
TERM 3 Total 15

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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