Paraeducator - Autism Certificate (less than one year)

 Human Resources

Intended Program Outcomes:

Students who complete the (less than one year) paraeducator: autism certificate will be prepared to enter the K-12 school system successfully as a paraeducator with increased skills in recognition and appropriate strategies for dealing with autistic students; and will demonstrate the following outcomes: 

  • Demonstrate appropriate strategies and techniques to provide instructional support to students of diverse populations, including but not limited to students with special needs with special emphasis on autism, students from poverty, and ELL students
  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate to meeting the needs of diverse populations
  • Apply best practices in classroom management to optimize the potential for student learning
  • Practice ethical and legal standards of conduct
  • Apply technology effectively to support teaching learning
  • Demonstrate competence in core skill area; written and oral communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, reading, and mathematics

The paraeducator: autism certificate, offers coursework designed for anyone interested in teaching and learning techniques or working as an educational assistant in the K-12 school system. The core curriculum offers instruction in basic teaching strategies, working with diverse, special needs populations, classroom management, and practicum experience. This curriculum incorporates courses specially designed for those working with autism. The curriculum is available through distance education courses. The paraeducator: autism certificate is embedded in the associate of applied science degree for paraeducators.

ED260 Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ED261 Instructional Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ED262 Behavior Management for Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
ED131 Instructional Strategies 3
or ECE240 Curriculum Planning (3)
ED130 Classroom Management 3
or ECE151 Guidance and Classroom Management (3)
ED169 Overview of Student with Special Needs
or ECE249 Inclusion of Children with Special Needs (3)
or ECE280 CWE ECE (2)
Education Electives
or ECE Electives (3)

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)