Electrical Apprenticeship Technologies - Limited Electrician Technologies Certificate SCPC

 Industrial and Engineering Systems

(Limited-Entry Program-Journeyman's Card Required)

Intended Program Outcomes:

  • Complete 4000 hours State of Oregon-approved on-the-job-training (OJT)
  • Repair or install electrical wire devices according to limited licensure regulations to meet NEC and OSC code for limited energy technician– license B, limited maintenance electrician, limited renewable energy technician, and limited residential electrician

4000 Hour BOLI-ATD Trades: Limited Energy Technician-license B, Limited Maintenance Electrician, Limited Renewable Energy Technician, and Limited Residential Electrician.

APR115A LME Apprenticeship Fundamentals/Theory 4
APR115B LME Apprenticeship AC/DC circuits 4
APR115C LME Measurement and Blueprint Reading 4
APR215D LME Apprenticeship Safety and Code 4
APR215E LME Apprenticeship Motors and Controls 4
APR215F LME Apprenticeship Code and Test 4

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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