Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies - Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies Certificate

 Industrial and Engineering Systems

(Limited entry program-Journeyman's card required)

Intended Program Outcomes:

  • Complete a minimum of 6000 to 8000 hours State of Oregon-approved on-the-job training (OJT)
  • Repair, install, and maintain a variety of building construction projects using trade specific tools and techniques in compliance with building codes and OSHA regulations
  • Seventy-five per cent of applicants have documented trade-specific skills listed on the Construction Trades, General Apprenticeship Outcomes Assessment Tool
  • Complete required related training with a grade C or better

6000 Hour BOLI-ATD Trades: Limited Energy Technician-license A and Sign Maker/Fabricator.

8000 Hour BOLI-ATD Trades: Inside Electrician, Manufacturing Plant Electrician, Sign Assembler/Fabricator, Sign Maker/Erector and Stationary Engineer.

Human Relations Course 3
Inside Electrician List 48
or LMPE List (48)
CS120 Concepts of Computing 4
or BA131 Introduction to Business Computing (4)
or MTH025 Pre-Algebra (or higher) (4)
WR060 Elements of the Essay (or higher) 3
or COM100 Human Communications (or higher) (4)









(This degree does not guarantee licensure)

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)