Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree

The associate of science degree (A.S.) is a two-year college transfer program. Students enrolled in this program must successfully complete a minimum of 90 credit hours. The A.S. will transfer to any Oregon University System (OUS) institution but does not always “block transfer,” nor will it necessarily complete the general education requirements of that university.
The A.S. is a non-designated degree. Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution may want to choose a focus of study with the A.S. in order to meet the lower division requirements of their chosen major at the four-year institution. In that case, students should consult with their advisors to determine the additional classes recommended by that department as part or all of the 35 credits of electives indicated below.  Foundational requirements are designed to meet the core competencies outlined by the Statement of Student Outcomes.
The following A.S. degree requirements are based on information available as this catalog goes to press and are subject to change. Before enrolling, students should review a current catalog of the college to which they plan to transfer to ensure course and program compatibility.

WR121 English Composition* 4
WR122 English Composition* 4
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech* 4
MTH105 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (or above)* 4
CS 120 Introduction to Computers (or above)* 4
HLTH/PE Health/Fitness Courses* 3
Arts and Letters ** (selection from the College Transfer Course list) 12

Sequence highly recommended.  First-year foreign language courses
may not be used to meet this requirement.

Social Science (selection from College Transfer Courses) 12

Sequence highly recommended.

Science with Laboratory (selection from College Transfer Courses) 4
Science/Math/Computer Science (selection from College Transfer Courses) 4
Electives (12 Career and Technical Credits - from College Transfer Courses) 35

* These courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher, may include a grade of “P” if earned as AP credit.
**The above ‘Arts and Letters’ course requirements are in addition to the writing requirements.
Required grade for transfer may vary by course and by accepting institution.

  • A maximum of 12 physical education activity (PE 185) credits may be counted as electives in the A.S. degree.
  • A maximum of 12 pass (P) program or elective credits may count toward an A.S. degree.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or better in program required for graduation. Students transferring to a four-year college or university should check the grade point average requirement at that institution.
  • Students must attend Blue Mountain Community College at least two terms and complete a minimum of 24 BMCC credits in order for BMCC to award an A.S. degree.

(Information based on the 2010-11 BMCC Academic Catalog)