A.A.S./Agriculture Production

 Ag, Food and Natural Resources Systems

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year program leading to an A.A.S. degree in agriculture production will prepare the student concerned with the raising of an agriculture crop commodity by providing the necessary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Industry-related employment skills
  • Animal science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Crop science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Agriculture-related business practices
  • Agricultural operations (safety, mechanical technology)

The curriculum includes a balanced selection of courses in the areas of crops, mechanics and business. Students wishing to specialize in a particular area should consult their advisor to develop an academic plan. The following schedule is illustrative only; an individual student’s schedule may be different.

TERM 1  
AGM131 Agriculture Safety 3
AGM240 Tractors 2
AGR101 Agriculture Orientation 1
AGR111 Agriculture Computers 3
AGR210 Agriculture Accounting 4
HORT100 Plant Science 3
  TERM 1 Total: 15
TERM 2  
AGM140 Agriculture Engines 3
AGM221 Metals and Welding 3
AGR211 Agriculture Business Management 3
ANS121 Animal Science 3
CSS100 Soils and Fertilizers 3
  TERM 2 Total: 15
TERM 3  
AGM241 Agriculture Machinery 3
AGR221 Agriculture Marketing 3
ANS122 Animal Science 3
CSS201 Principles of Crop Science 3
RNG241 Range Management 3
  TERM 3 Total: 15
TERM 4 1
AGM211 Agriculture Construction & Surveying 3
AGR226 Agriculture Issues 1
COM100 Human Communications (or higher) 3
CSS210 Forage Crops 2
WR065 Introduction to Technical Writing (or higher) 3
  TERM 4 Total: 16
TERM 5  
AGR200 Pre-Employment Seminar 3
HE252 First Aid 3
Human Relations 3
MTH070 Elementary Algebra 3
  TERM 5 Total: 15
TERM 6  
AGR296 Production Problems 4
Agriculture Electives 12
  TERM 6 Total: 16

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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