A.A.S./Administrative Office Professional: Medical Option

 Business and Management
 Health Services

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year program leading to an A.A.S. in administrative office assistant, medical option, provides students with the specialized skills necessary for employment as medical administrative assistants. Students will be effective in the workplace in the following areas:


  • Use of appropriate medical terminology with written and oral accuracy
  • Use of transcription equipment effectively to produce medical documents
  • Office bookkeeping and general accounting tasks
  • Effective use of database and spreadsheet software
TERM 1  
WR121 English Composition 4
BT251 Medical Terminology 3
BT121 Document Processing I 3
BT116 Professional Office Procedures 3
TERM 1 Total 13
TERM 2  
BT122 Document Processing II 3
BT252 Medical Terminology 3
BT140 Business Document Editing 3
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing 4
BA104 Business Mathematics 4
or MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (or higher) (5)
TERM 2 Total 17
TERM 3  
BT123 Document Processing III 3
BT220 Calculating Machines 3
BT257 Medical Office Procedures 3
BA110X Business Computer Applications/MS Excel 3
BA285 Human Relations in Business 3
TERM 3 Total 15
TERM 4  
BT253 Medical Transcription 3
BT124 Keyboarding for Speed & Accuracy 3
BT201M Word Processing/MS Word 3
BA111 Basic Accounting 4
BA277 Business Ethics 3
TERM 4 Total 16
TERM 5  
HTM131 Customer Service Management I 3
BT202M Word Processing/MS Word 3
BT254 Medical Transcription 3
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech 4
BA284 Pre-Employment Seminar 1
TERM 5 Total 14
TERM 6  
BA206 Desktop Publishing 3
BA214 Business Communications 3
BA110A Business Computer Applications/MS Access 3
BT258 Medical Insurance Procedures & Coding 3
BA280 CWE Business 2
TERM 6 Total 15

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

Gainful Employment Data