A.A.S./Administrative Office Professional

 Business and Management

Intended Program Outcomes:

This program leading to an A.A.S. degree in administrative assistant offers students the opportunity to develop top-level office skills. Learning experiences in this program are designed to assist the student in realizing the following outcomes:

  • Use current and emerging word processing technologies to produce organizational documents and presentation materials
  • Meet or exceed the current speed and accuracy requirements for typing and 10-key operation in the industry
  • Individually and collaboratively manage multiple office tasks, prioritizing and reprioritizing in response to changing demands
  • Assess the image that is expected of office personnel in a specific industry group; reflect those expectations in personal appearance, professional conduct and personal hygiene.
  • Produce clear, concise and mechanically correct written documents
  • Model effective customer service interactions
  • Seek and respond to opportunities for increased responsibilities and professional advancement
  • Understand office functions as they contribute to sound business practices and procedures
  • Perform the general office procedures of filing, equipment operation, mail distribution, phone calls, and tasks requiring basic math calculations (such as inventory)
TERM 1  
BA101 Introduction to Business 4
BT116 Professional Office Procedures 3
BT121 Document Processing I 3
WR121 English Composition 4
TERM 1 Total 14
TERM 2  
BT122 Document Processing II 3
BT140 Business Document Editing 3
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing 4
BA104 Business Mathematics 4
or MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (5)
TERM 2 Total 14
TERM 3  
BT123 Document Processing III 3
BT220 Calculating Machines 3
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech 4
BA110X Business Computer Applications/MS Excel 3
BA214 Business Communications 3
TERM 3 Total 16
TERM 4  
BA226 Business Law 4
BT124 Keyboarding for Speed & Accuracy 3
BT201M Word Processing/MS Word 3
BA277 Business Ethics 3
or BA285 Human Relations in Business (3)
BA111 Basic Accounting 4
or BA211 Principles of Accounting (4)
TERM 4 Total 17
TERM 5  
BA284 Pre-Employment Seminar 1
BA224 Human Resources Management 3
BA110A Business Computer Applications/MS Access 3
BT202M Word Processing/MS Word 3
HTM131 Customer Serive Management I 3
TERM 5 Total 13
TERM 6  
BA280 CWE Business 3
BT206 Desktop Publishing 3
BA209Q Accounting Applications/QuickBooks 3
BA206 Principles of Management 4
BT290 Integrated Office Systems 3
or BA280 CWE Business (3)
TERM 6 Total 16

 (Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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