Business Partnerships

Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship training as a method of career and technical education is recognized by the Apprenticeship and Training Division of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI). It combines on-the-job training and trade-related instruction taken in conjunction with each other. Apprenticeship courses are approved for BOLI-registered apprentices or journeylevel workers and are not available to the general public.
BMCC’s apprenticeship program offers associate of applied science degrees and certificates of completion for journeymen in the areas of inside electrician, manufacture plant electrical, limited maintenance electrical, plumbing, and programmable logic controller technician as part of Oregon’s community college statewide apprenticeship degree program. The program provides statewide transfer opportunities, certificates of completion, and an optional transfer path into either a a bachelor of applied in technology and management or a bachelor of science degree in operations management at the Oregon Institute of Technology. Electricians and plumbers require state licensure. Related training courses meet industry standards and are offered through a partnership between the Oregon State Apprenticeship Training Council and the local Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. If you are interested in becoming registered in an Oregon State Apprenticeship program, please contact the Oregon State Bureau of Labor and Industries Apprenticeship Training Division at 971-673-0761 or for program and entrance requirements. For more information on BMCC’s apprenticeship certificates and degrees, see pages 72-75 of this catalog, or contact the apprenticeship coordinator at 541-278-5854.
Cooperative Work Experience (CWE): Students may earn college credit for cooperative work experience (CWE) related to their occupational goal. Such work experience must take place at work sites approved by the college and be monitored by the course instructor. The experience may be in business, industry, agriculture, or education, or with public service agencies that are willing to enter into work experience agreements with the
To find out more about the CWE program, check with the course instructor, your advisor, or contact the Office of Instruction. 
Small Business Development Centers: BMCC serves business communities in our region through our Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). We are part of a network that includes 19 centers in Oregon and over 2,000 in the U.S. BMCC’s SBDC is funded by the college, by the Small Business Administration (SBA), and by the Oregon Business Development Department.
Our premier service is free, confidential, one-on-one, business counseling by experienced business counselors for business owners and managers. Additional training programs and a variety of services are available, many on a reduced-cost basis, to SBDC clients. Visit our statewide SBDC Website for an overview of programs or to register as a new client.
To take advantage of SBDC programs and services, you may not have to leave your home or office. Many are available online as workshops, webinars, or complete courses. You can meet with a business counselor using Internet video conferencing at locations throughout eastern Oregon. Visit to view online courses. Call 1-888-441-7232 for more information about additional distance learning opportunities.
The programs and services of the BMCC Small Business Development Centers are available year-round to new or experienced business owners throughout eastern Oregon. Clients range from students planning their first business to owners and managers of companies with hundreds of employees.
Information on programs and registration as an SBDC client is available toll-free at 1-888-441-7232 or by email at
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)