Institutional Academic Progress (IAP)

Institutional Academic Progress (IAP) is the institution’s policy regarding a student’s academic progress. IAP is not the same as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which is the status that students using financial assistance must maintain in order to receive funding from financial aid. A student is considered in good academic standing when they are making satisfactory academic progress, such as maintaining a 2.0 GPA each term and passing the required number of credits based on his/her enrollment level, which is 66.67% of the credits they are enrolled in for that term. IAP requires a student to maintain satisfactory academic progress every term of attendance. If a student does not maintain good academic standing he/she will be placed on Academic Alert Status, Academic Warning Status, or Academic Suspension Status. More information about IAP can be obtained by viewing the IAP policy at or by contacting the registrar at 541-278-5757.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)