... Economical, professional training to your company’s employee benefits

Few employee benefits offer more measurable or immediate pay-back than training, yet few companies can afford extensive (and expensive) internal training programs and staff. Instead, companies all across the country have turned to community-colleges to become their “training department.”

Some of the best reasons include:

  • Course design experience and tools
  • Regional instructor pool
  • National skills standards
  • Local facilities
  • Instructional support technology
  • State workforce training resources
  • Student assessment, advising, testing, records
  • Economic development resources

Your BMCC Customized Training Center offers every level of training from a single, targeted skills workshop to a turnkey, organization-wide employee professional development program.

For a plan tailored to your organizational goals, please ask for Art Hill at (541) 276-6233, or toll free 1-888-441-7232 (