Satisfactory Academic Progress: Warning, Probation, Suspension

Degree-seeking students will be placed on academic notification for any of the following reasons:

At the end of each term, Student Services staff pull reports and transcripts for degree-seeking students who have a current GPA less than 2.00 and/or a cumulative GPA less than 2.00 or who fail to complete 50% of their courses or credits. Transcripts will be examined to determine which category (warning, probation, suspension) the students are in.

A student will be notified in writing each quarter if placed on warning, probation or suspension. Generally, the first term, the student will be placed on Academic Warning status. A consecutive term* would result in Academic Probation status. A third term would result in Academic Suspension status.

In the event of academic suspension, the student may request a meeting with the Senior Director of Student and Enrollment Services to explain or clarify any unusual circumstances that may have caused the student to do poorly. It is the responsibility of the student to contact Student and Enrollment Services to set up an appeal meeting. The written appeal should be submitted using the Academic Appeal form available on the web and from Student Services.

In the event the Senior Director rules the suspension valid, the student has the right to appeal the decision through the Chief Academic Officer. The appeal process can be found in the Student Handbook and may be further clarified at the Student and Enrollment Services office. The Senior Director has discretionary power to work within these guidelines to bypass any step, if warranted, or to extend any step, as appropriate. For example, if a student falls into a probationary status and makes progress the next term, but not enough to pull his/her GPA above a 2.00, that status may be extended, rather than putting the student into suspended status. On the other hand, if a student makes no academic progress in a term, s/he may be put on academic suspension status immediately.

Once suspended, a student will remain on suspension status until both the cumulative and term GPA reaches 2.00. The student will not be allowed to register him or herself until the suspension is lifted, making it necessary for the Sr. Director or his/her designee to register the student for classes.

* “Consecutive term” means back to back terms in which a student is registered for classes, even if there is a break in registration for a term or more (e.g. A student is registered for classes fall term and does not register again until the next fall term).