Distance Education

What is Distance Education?

Distance education is any kind of learning in which students and the instructor are separated by time and/or place. It can be delivered using various methods of technologies, including:

E-Course : Course offerings are provided over the Internet.-asynchronously. Tests are conducted online, at a BMCC location, or an approved proctored site.

E-Live: Courses using a web-conferencing tool, delivered synchronously (real time). This delivery method offers students the opportunity to interact with faculty and other students even though separated by space. Students may take classes from any computer that has Internet access. E- Live classes can be done in real time, with the instructor teaching at a designated site, while the student participates from a computer located anywhere there is internet service. Classes are recorded and can be viewed at a later time.

Interactive Video Conferencing (ITV): Classes originate from another site but are in real-time and place. Classes are offered through interactive television or Web-based software. Students at receive sites are separated from the instructor.

Who Benefits From Distance Education?

The time-bound student, whose job or education schedule conflicts with the times when classes are offered on campus. 

The distance-bound student, who lives far from where classes are offered.

The home-bound student, who cannot leave home for personal reasons.

Those who have work schedules which prevent them from finding blocks of time to participate in classes.

Those who seek to advance themselves in their current career or to prepare for a new career.

Who Should Take Distance Education Classes?

  • Self-motivated learners
  • Time- or place-bound learners
  • Technically astute learners

Registering for Distance Education Classes:

Student services and financial assistance information for distance education students—such as admissions, enrollment, registration, advising, book purchases, and payment—are the same as for any other classes offered at BMCC, noted elsewhere in this catalog. Please see the “Getting Started” section for more information. For registration information and a list of courses, go to www.bluecc.edu.

Financial Assistance for Distance Education:

Online students may be eligible to receive financial assistance. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, available online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. BMCC’s federal school code is 003186. Check our Website for more financial assistance information.

Paying for Distance Education Classes:

Blue Mountain Community College’s distance education classes are assessed at the current tuition and fees listed in the Schedule of Classes published each term and online at www.bluecc.edu. There is an additional distance education class fee for each class.

Purchasing Distance Education Textbooks:

Students can order books online with a credit card at www.bookstore.bluecc.edu, or students can call the bookstore at 541-278-5733 or send a fax to 541-278-5842.

Library Services:

Many library services and electronic databases are available online to all students, whether on or off campus. Go to www.bluecc.edu/library for information on library services.

Technical Help and Support:

The Office of Distance Education is located on the Pendleton campus in Pioneer Hall, Room154. The email address is Distance_Ed@bluecc.edu.

Find tutorials, frequently asked questions, self-assessment tests, and hardware and software requirements for taking online classes on the Distance Education page of our website. Students can view current term class information on the Distance Education webpage.

(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)