BMCC Boards and Personnel

BMCC Board of Education

Lea Mathieu - Zone 1, Term Expires 2015
Werner Buehler - Zone 2, Term Expires 2015
Ed Taber - Zone 3, Term Expires 2013
Kim Puzey - Zone 4, Term Expires 2013
Doug Voyles - Zone 5, Term Expires 2015
Dr. Anthony (Tony) Turner - Zone 6, Term Expires 2013
Bryan Branstetter - Zone 7, Term Expires 2015

(Information based on the 2012-2013 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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Oregon Board of Education

Jerry Berger - Salem—5th Congressional District
Leslie Shepherd - Hammond—2nd Vice Chair—At Large
Brenda Frank - Klamath Falls—2nd Congressional District
Artemio Paz, Jr. - Springfield—4th Congressional District
Serilda Summers-McGee - Portland—At Large
Duncan Wyse - Portland—1st Congressional District
Samuel Henry - Portland—3rd Congressional District
Vacant - At large

(Information based on the 2012-2013 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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BMCC Foundation Board of Directors

Bob Byrd  - Irrigon, Term Expires 2012
Gary Schmidtgall - Athena, Term Expires 2014
Russell Dorran - Hermiston, Term Expires 2012
Deb Sue Hamby - Pendleton, Term Expires 2014
Nancy Snider - Heppner, Term Expires 2015
Kari Dallas-Spratling - Pendleton, Term Expires 2013
Tracy Gammell - Hermiston, Term Expires 2013
Betty Rietmann - Ione, Term Expires 2013
Carole Innes - Pendleton, Term Expires 2013
Ron Daniels - Keizer, Term Expires 2014
Ellsworth Mayer - Pendleton, Term Expires 2012
Dotty Miles - North Powder, Term Expires 2012
Lonnie Read - Pendleton, Term Expires 2013
Margaret Gianotti - Pendleton, Executive Director

(Information based on the 2012-2013 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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BMCC Administration

Camille Preus (2013)


A.S., Cumberland Community College

B.S., Middle Tennessee State University

M.S., Indiana University

Ph.D., Oregon State University


Drebin, Diane (2014)

Vice President, Student Affairs

A.A., Clackamas Community College

A.G.S., Clackamas Community College

B.A., Marylhurst College

M.S., Portland State University


Harvey Franklin (2005)

Sr. Associate Vice President Branch Campuses

A.S., Central Oregon Community College

B.S., Oregon State University

M.S., Oregon State University

Ph.D., University of Oregon


Arthur Hill (2001)
Vice President, Economic Development
B.A., Boston University
M.B.A., University of Bridgeport


Peggy Hudson (2006)

Associate Vice President, 

BMCC-Baker County

A.A., Central Oregon CC

B.B.A., University of Oregon

M.A., San Francisco State


Daniel Koopman (2010)

Associate Vice President, Instruction

B.A., Walla Walla College

M.Ed., University of Idaho

School of Administration


Daniel Lange (1983)

Vice President, Instruction

B.M., University of Montana

M.M., University of N. Colorado


Deborah Lee (2007)

Associate Vice President

BMCC Milton-Freewater

B.S., Oregon State University

M.Ed, Oregon State University


Tammie Parker (1989)

Associate Vice President Human Resources

B.S., Eastern Oregon University


John Thomas (2012)

Associate Vice President, Corrections Education

A.A., Blue Mt Community College

B.S., Eastern Oregon University

M.Ed, Eastern Oregon University

(Information based on the 2013-2014 BMCC Academic Catalog)

BMCC Faculty

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