Paraeducator Certificate

 Human Resources

Intended Program Outcomes:

Students who complete this one-year certificate program will be prepared to enter the K-12 school system successfully as paraeducators and will demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate appropriate strategies and techniques to provide instructional support to students of diverse populations, including but not limited to students with special needs, students from poverty, and ELL students
  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate to meeting the needs of diverse populations
  • Apply best practices in classroom management to optimize the potential for student learning
  • Practice ethical and legal standards of conduct
  • Apply technology effectively to support teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate competence in the core skill area and in written and oral communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, reading, and mathematics

This curriculum is an Oregon Department of Education-approved statewide program that meets the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Federal Legislation for “Highly Qualified” status. The core curriculum offers instruction in; basic teaching strategies in language arts/math/science, working with diverse, special-needs populations, technology, classroom management; and practicum experience. In addition, general education courses in human relations, communication, and computation are incorporated. The curriculum is available through distance education and face-to-face courses. The paraeducator certificate also satisfies some of the program-specific course requirements for the paraeducator A.A.S. degree.


ED113 Instructional Strategies in Language Arts 3
ED130 Classroom Management 3
ED114 Instructional Strategies in Math/Science 3
ED100 Introduction to Education
ED235 Educational Technology
ED254 Instructional Strategies for ELL Students
ED258 Multicultural Education
ED229 Learning and Development 3
ED200 Foundation of Education 3
ED169 Overview of Students with Special Needs 3
ED131 Instructional Strategies
ED280 Cooperative Work Experience (Education) 3
AAOT Elective selection 4
WR115 Introduction to College Writing (or higher) 4
ED157 Introduction to Mathematical Explorations 3
or MTH070 Elementary Algebra (or higher) (5)

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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