A.A.S./Hospitality Management

 Business and Management
 Human Resources

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year program will prepare the student either to transfer to an Oregon University System institution on a course-by-course basis, or be effective in a career as manager in the hospitality and tourism industries by having the requisite knowledge in the following areas:


  • Identify, understand and apply market-appropriate professional guest service standards to deliver competitive guest experiences to diverse cultural groups
  • Identify specific hospitality industry functions and their required procedures and legal techniques
  • Identify techniques for successfully managing human resources and human relations in business
  • Analyze financial statements, isolate potential problems, and identify appropriate corrective action to control and manage the critical revenue and cost centers
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve mathematical problems commonly encountered in hospitality related business setting
  • Utilize the technical/computer skills for keeping business records and preparing financial statements
  • Develop skills for human relations activities for day-to-day business operations
  • Write effective routine, routing, and persuasive styles of written communication
  • Employ effective verbal communications in a variety of settings
  • Develop skills for social/professional aspects of conducting business with individuals and groups
  • Prepare marketing and presentation documents for marketing of business
TERM 1  
HTM131 Customer Service Management I 3
HTM100 Hospitality & Tourism Industry 3
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing 4
BA104 Business Mathematics 4
or MTH095 Intermediate Algebra (or higher)  (5)
  TERM 1 Total: 14
TERM 2  
HTM109 Front Desk Operations 3
HTM105 Food & Beverage Industry 3
SOC204 General Sociology 4
WR121 English Composition 4
  TERM 2 Total: 14
TERM 3  
BA280 CWE Business 3
HTM107 Hospitality Cost Control 3
HTM127 Selling in Hospitality & Tourism 3
HTM130 Beverages 3
GEOG206 Geography of Oregon 4
or GEOG120 World/Regional Geography (4) 
  TERM 3 Total: 16
TERM 4  
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech 4
BA211 Principles of Accounting 4
HTM232 Menu Design 3
HTM226 Event Management 3
HTM224 Catering Operations 3
  TERM 4 Total: 17
TERM 5  
WR227 Technical Report Writing 4
BA277 Business Ethics 3
BA223 Principles of Marketing 4
BA284 Pre-Employment Seminar 1
COM115 Intercultural Communication 4
  TERM 5 Total: 16
TERM 6  
BT206 Desktop Publishing 3
BA206 Principles of Management 4
BA285 Human Relations in Business 3
HTM230 Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law 3
BA280 CWE Business 3
  TERM 6 Total: 16

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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