A.A.S./Engineering Technologies

 Industrial and Engineering Systems

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year program will prepare the student either for transfer to a four-year degree program in construction management or to be effective as a technician on a civil engineering team in the workplace in the following areas:

  • Concrete design
  • Applied structural design methods
  • Applied technology (production software, CAD, GIS)
  • Communication skills (writing, presentation techniques)
  • Property surveying
  • Professional skills (estimating, proposal development)

Students with appropriate math/science aptitude can complete the civil engineering/ construction technology curriculum in two years at BMCC. Students desiring to transfer to four-year engineering programs are encouraged to see an advisor for appropriate coursework.

TERM 1  
CET111 Introduction to Engineering Technology 3
CET145 Engineering Graphics 3
WR115 Introduction to College Writing (or higher) 4
Human Relations selection 3
TERM 1 Total 13
TERM 2  
MTH084 Technical Math for Civil Engineer Technicians 2
CET112 Computer Aided Drafting 3
CET215 Contract Documents 4
BA131 Introduction to Business Computing 4
or CS120 Concepts of Computing (4)
TERM 2 Total 13
TERM 3  
CET114 Introduction to Geographic Info Systems 3
COM111 Fundamentals of Speech 4
MTH112 Elementary Functions (or higher) 5
SUR161 Plane Surveying 5
TERM 3 Total 17
CET162 Engineering Materials 3
CET223 Soil Mechanics 3
PHY201 General Physics 5
SUR162 Surveying and Mapping 5
TERM 4 Total 16
TERM 5   
CET261 Hydraulics 4
CET222 Concrete Practices 4
CET231 Structures 4
SUR166 Highway Fundamentals 3
TERM 5 Total 15
TERM 6  
CET235 Structures 4
CET251 Estimating Construction Costs 4
CET265 Hydraulics II 4
WR227 Technical Report Writing 4
TERM 6 Total 16

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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