A.A.S./Agriculture Production: Crops Option

 Ag, Food and Natural Resources Systems

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year program leading to an A.A.S. in agriculture production: crops, will prepare the student concerned with the raising of an agriculture crop commodity by providing the necessary knowledge in the following areas:

  • Industry-related employment skills
  • Animal science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Crop science (techniques, issues, technology, trends)
  • Agriculture-related business practices
  • Agricultural operations (safety, mechanical technology)

The curriculum includes a balanced selection of courses in the areas of crops, mechanics and business. Students wishing to specialize in a particular area should consult their advisor to develop an academic plan. The following schedule is illustrative only; an individual student’s schedule may be different.

TERM 1  
AGM131 Agriculture Safety 3
AGM240 Tractors 2
AGR101 Agriculture Orientation 1
AGR111 Agriculture Computers 3
AGR210 Agriculture Accounting 4
HE252 First Aid 3
HORT100 Plant Science 3
  TERM 1 Total: 19
TERM 2  
AGM140 Agriculture Engines 3
AGM221 Metals and Welding 3
AGM250 Irrigation Systems Design 3
AGR211 Agriculture Business Management 3
ANS121 Animal Science 3
CSS100 Soils and Fertilizers 3
  TERM 2 Total: 18
TERM 3  
AGM241 Acriculture Machinery 1
AGM251 Irrigation Systems 4
ANS122 Animal Science 3
COM100 Human Communcations (or higher) 3
CSS201 Principles of Crop Science 4
  TERM 3 Total: 16
TERM 4  
AGM211 Agriculture Construction & Surveying 3
AGR226 Agriculture Issues 3
CSS210 Forage Crops 3
MTH070 Elementary Algebra (or higher 5
  TERM 4 Total: 14
TERM 5  
AGR200 Pre-Employment Seminar 1
CSS240 Pest Management 4
Human Relations 3
WR065 Introduction to Technical Writing (or higher) 3
  TERM 5 Total: 13
TERM 6  
AGR221 Agriculture Marketing 3
AGR296 Production Problems 4
HORT111 Alternative Crop Production 3
RNG241 Range Management 3
  TERM 5 Total: 16

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

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