High School Partnerships

Dual-Credit Program:

In cooperation with many high schools and the local education service district (ESD), BMCC offers a state approved dual-credit program. Students at a public high school that has an articulation agreement with BMCC may meet the educational requirements of both the high school and a college level BMCC course if they are enrolled for dual credit in a class taught at the high school.

This challenging course work offers students the opportunity to begin building a college transcript while still enrolled in high school. Dual-credit courses and credits appear on a BMCC transcript as though they were taken at BMCC. Dual-credit courses normally transfer to four-year institutions in the same way as any other BMCC course work.

Not all courses are available at every high school. High school students may check with their high school counselors and teachers for course availability, costs, and other requirements, or they may check with the IMESD  for further information. Students should also check with the college to which they wish to transfer if they want to ensure that dual-credit coursework will transfer.

Expanded Options: BMCC offers a dual-enrollment program in conformance with Oregon’s Expanded Options legislation (also known as SB300 and SB23). This program offers high school students the ability to take BMCC classes to earn college credit and to earn credit toward high school graduation at the same time. Each high school sets its own criteria for entry into the program and monitors student progress. College-level credits earned are transcribed through BMCC and are, in most cases, transferable to other colleges.
Though similar, Dual-credit and Expanded Options programs have distinct differences:
  • Students participating in the Dual-credit program take classes at their high school from high school instructors and earn college credit at the same time.
  • Students participating in the Expanded Options program take a college course from college instructors with other college students and cna potentially earn high school credit at the same time; the high school pays all of the cost of the college course.
If you are interested in one or both of these opportunities, contact your high school or IMESD (541-966-3114); or contact the Registrar’s Office at BMCC (541-278-5757).
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)