Secondary Teacher Education Program

The Secondary Teachers program at BMCC will help you earn the first two years of your AAOT towards a teaching degree

What is needed to become a Middle/High School Teacher?

  1. Bachelors degree
  2. A major in a teachable subject area (such as math or science)
  3. A minor in a second subject area
  4. Pass the standardized tests
    • EAS (Essential Academic Skills)
    • ORELA (Oregon Educator Licensure Assessment)
    • Subject area endorsement

Recommended Coursework

Presently, programs in secondary education are offered at WOU (Baccalaureate degree) and EOU, PSU, and SOU (Master's degree). In addition, several private colleges and universities offer secondary education programs.

Are you ready to transfer?

  1. Apply for admission to the university you wish to attend about one year before you graduate with your AAOT.
  2. Be sure to have an official copy of your transcripts sent to your university of choice when you apply.
  3. Be sure also to transfer your financial aid.
  4. Contact your advisor at your university of choice as soon as you know when you are transferring :
    • Introduce yourself and establish your desire to attend.
    • Discuss classes needed in your program.
    • Find out the registration process for when you transfer.

Be sure and work closely with an education advisor when choosing your program.
For more information contact Cindy Lenhart. Phone: 541-278-5802 or email: