FAQ's for BMCC Students

Dates & Schedules

When do classes start?

Class start dates are on our website, in the Student Handbook and in the front of the catalog; plus the dates are available at each BMCC location.

Where can I find basic office hours?

Service Center
Testing Services
Distance & Extended Learning

Distance/Community Education

What is distance learning?

Distance learning can be described as any course offered by a non-traditional delivery method. This includes Video, Interactive Television, Internet, and Independent study courses. It could also include courses that are offered over an accelerated period of time.

Who should take distance learning classes?

Students who are unable to attend traditional courses on campus might find distance learning an exciting alternative. Additionally students who because of scheduling problems look to distance learning to pick up required classes.

The distance learning student should be an independent, motivated, and flexible individual. Use our online assessment test to see if these classes would be a fit for you.

How do I enroll in a distance learning course?

  1. Just go to www.bluecc.edu and go through the online admissions registration process.
  2. If you live near a local BMCC Center , you can go there for advising and assistance the BMCC area coordinator.

How much does it cost?

All tuition and fees are payable in full by cash, check, or credit card (Visa & Mastercard) by 5:00 p.m. of the 5th day of classes. For more information regarding tuition and fees, go to College Costs.

How do I get a refund?

You are financially and academically responsible for all classes in which you enroll. If you wish to discontinue college attendance, you must officially withdraw. To receive a refund, you must drop courses before 5:00 p.m. of the 5th day after the start of the term. Lab fees are not refundable.

How do I receive course materials and textbooks?

All online class information is sent to enrolled student's student e-mail account.  Video course materials can be picked up at Pendleton campus distance education office, mailed directly to you or made available electronically. Materials are normally available one week prior to the term starting.

Textbook orders can be faxed to the BMCC Bookstore at 541-278-5842 or purchased online. Prices may include additional shipping and handling charges.

How much time do I have to complete a course?

The same amount of time is required to complete an online class as a face to face class.  You must complete your distance education course within the term you start.

How much time do I need to study?

The total amount of time for each course will vary depending on your skills and dedication. You should plan on spending a minimum of 15 to 18 hours per week in order to finish the course on time.

Who do I call for assistance?

Each instructor’s phone number and office hours are listed on the course syllabus. Other general information questions can be directed via email to Distance and Extended Learning or call 541-278-5763 or 541-278-5969

Are distance courses and degrees transcripted differently?

No, distance courses differ from on-campus courses only in the delivery modalities; they appear on your transcript with the same course numbers as the on-campus courses.

Are distance students eligible to apply for financial aid?

Yes, Contact the Financial Aid Office to get full information.

Where do I take my tests?

Tests can be administered by a BMCC testing center or approved Proctor. Student's living outside the BMCC area need to contact the distance education office by bkauss@bluecc.edu or call 1-888-297-2622 for assistance.  Please review our Proctor Information page for full details on obtaining a proctor. It is to your responsibility to submit proctor information prior to examination deadlines.

How do I obtain my grade at the end of the term?

Grades are posted on the www.bluecc.edu Web site at 5:00pm on the last day of the term.

How can I get additional information about BMCC?

Students can now go online and view the full range of courses offered through BMCC for the main Pendleton campus and In-District sites (Umatilla, Morrow & Baker Counties). Go to www.bluecc.edu  to view the current schedule of classes, college catalog, and degree program information.

Where and where do I get information about Distance Education classes?

Distance Education information is available on our website, in the catalog and in the quarterly mailer. For more information, you can call the department at 541-278-5763 or any of the BMCC locations.

What is the difference between Distance Ed classes and Credit classes?

Distance Ed classes are the same as any classes BMCC offers, it’s just a different way to deliver the instruction. Instead of sitting in a classroom, students take Distance Ed classes via video tape, the web, or interactive television (ITV). Distance Ed classes may also be synchronous (everyone takes the class at the same time and place) or asynchronous (students take the class on their own schedule, within the starting and ending dates published).

Do Distance Ed classes count for credit?

Yes, if the class is designated as a credit class. Again, Distance Education is merely a different way to deliver instruction. The content is the same as for other BMCC classes.

Financial Aid

How do I find out about my financial aid?

The Financial Aid office will be able to give you information about your financial aid package. For generic information, go to www.bluecc.edu and click on College Resources, then go to the Financial Aid page.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

The first think to do is complete the FAFSA form, which is required for any financial aid processing at just about any school in the US. Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov for more information. Once that is done, visit the Financial Aid page on our website for mroe information or call the Financial Aid office at 541-278-5790.


When will I receive my Financial Aid check?

When checks are issued depends upon when you applied. Generally, financial aid checks will be released after the 5th day of classes, but check with your financial aid advisor to be sure.

Other Student Questions

What if I have a disability? Is there anything I can do?

Yes. Bring some documentation of your disability and meet with the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, Pendleton Campus, Morrow Hall, Room M-120, or call 541-278-5807. You will have an opportunity to discuss what accommodations are appropriate.


I had an IEP in high school, can I get any help in college?

Yes. Bring a copy of your "School Psychological (or Disability) Evaluation" and meet with the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, Pendleton Campus, Morrow Hall, Room M-120, or call 541-278-5807. You will have an opportunity to discuss what accommodations are appropriate.


I have not been in school for over 20 years and I wasn't real good when I was in school, can I get help if I need it?

Yes. There are several ways to receive help. First there are tutoring services available for students in the Tutoring Center, Pendleton Campus, Morrow Hall, for many classes. If you are having a big problem with reading, writing, or math and/or concentration, you may want to talk with our learning disabilities diagnostician (Pendleton Campus, Morrow Hall or call 541-278-5797) about learning styles and/or about learning disabilities or attention disorders. For more information on accommodations, contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities, Pendleton Campus, Morrow Hall, Room M-120, or call 541-278-5807.


When will books be available to purchase?

Books will be available to purchase 1 week before classes start, as a rule. There are times, beyond BMCC's control, that books may not be available until later, but that is rare. Check with the Bookstore for details. They can be reached at 541-278-5733.


Where do I go for classes?

The quarterly schedule of classes and your own class schedule indicate where you classes are being held. The first letter of the room number indicates the building number and the number indicates the room number. Ask your advisor if you have any questions and check the back cover of our catalog and student handbook to see a campus/district map. There is also a campus map on our website along with the maps of all BMCC Centers.


Does BMCC have computer labs?

There are computer labs open to students in Pendleton in the Science-Tech building, in the Library, and in College Prep/Special Programs. The BMCC sites in Hermiston, Milton-Freewater, Union County, and Baker City have computer labs too. There are also computers available for TRiO students in their department at the Pendleton campus.


Where do I get Consortium papers?

BMCC has consortium agreements with a number of organizations; The Eastern Oregon Collaborative Colleges Consortium (EOCCC) is a partnership between Eastern Oregon University (EOU), Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC) and BMCC. Students wishing to attend any or all three of these schools, with the intent of transferring on to EOU for a Bachelor’s degree, can find consortium papers on the Financial Aid Page of BMCC’s website under “Financial Aid forms, Policies and General Information. Blue Mountain Community College also has a co-admission and enrollment agreement with Oregon State University and is currently in discussions to do the same with the University of Oregon. For questions about other schools contact the Financial Aid Office at 541-278-5790 or by email at finaid@bluecc.edu


Are there copy machines available for students?

There are copy machines in Morrow hall next to the College Prep department, in the Library, and in the Copy Center in the Book Store. Copies are 5 cents each and students can purchase a copy card or pay to put copy fees onto their student ID card at the Business Office in Morrow Hall. For other centers, check at the service windows.


How do you pay for a photocopy?

To purchase a copy card go to the Business Office, your local service window or pay the cashier in the book store for copy center copies.


What food is available for students?

The Student Union food service in Pioneer hall is open during the regular academic year, fall winter and spring terms, and is closed during the summer. Simply Catering will be providing the service and will be open from 10-2 M-F. Vending machines are located year round in Morrow Hall (upper & lower levels), the Student Union in Pioneer Hall, and in the MAC (McCrae Activity Center).


What about jobs for students?

Even though advisors and departments have some information on job markets, the best place for students to find information on jobs outside of BMCC is the Oregon Employment Dept.

Work study and other student employment are handled in the Financial Aid department by Cristina Sweek. You can contact her by calling 541-278-5165 or sending her an email at csweek@bluecc.edu. Student jobs are posted on the Financial Aid web page.


What phones are available for students?

A free phone for local calls is in the hallway of Morrow Hall in the “U” near Student Services.


What is TRiO/Student Support Services?

TRiO is a student retention program – if you are a first generation college student, low-income, or have a disability you may qualify for TRiO services. TRiO services are only available for degree-seeking students at the Pendleton campus. For more information call 541-278-5853 or go to Morrow Hall, Room M-141, in Pendleton


Tutoring Information

Tutors are available for all students during the regular academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring). The College Prep program employs all of the tutors, whether they are peer tutors or drop in tutors. Their phone number is 541-278-5803 in Pendleton and they have a web page containing more information. If you are interested in one of the other sites and their tutoring services, please contact them directly.

During the summer, only the TRiO program has tutors available for students.

A Math refresher course is offered Aug 20-Sept 10, 5:30-7:30 pm. In Pendleton. Contact Distance and Extended Learning for more information, 541-278-5763.


Paying Tuition & Fees

What if I change my mind and decide not to come to BMCC, do I have to pay, withdraw from classes, or just not show up?

It depends.

  1. If classes have not yet begun, you have registered and paid, and you decide not to attend, you should drop your classes and you will receive a refund.
  2. If classes have already started, you have registered and paid, and it's within the first 5 days of classes (or its equivalent for alternatively shceduled classes, specific dates will be printed on the student's schedule), you should drop your classes and receive a refund.
  3. If you have registered for classes and not yet paid, you must drop your classes before 5:00pm on the 5th day (or its equivalent for alternatively scheduled classes, specific dates will be printed on your schedule), or you will be charged for the classes. Non attendance does not forgive your obligation to drop or pay for a class.
  4. If you have not registered or paid, you don't have to contact BMCC
  5. Once the 5th day of classes or its equivalent has passed, you may withdraw from classes until 5pm the Friday before finals week, but you will be charged for the class and a W (for Withdraw) will show up on your transcript.


When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the end of the 5th day of classes. That information is also posted on the web, in the catalog, and in the Student Handbook.


Do you have tuition payment plans?

For more options on tuition payment plans, please contact the Pendleton Service Center or the staff at any of our BMCC Centers or COD's.


What does the ASG Student fee go towards?

The ASG Student fee pays stipends for the ASG officers and senators who work with the College administration to provide student activities such as dances, student forums, barbecues, and presentations by invited guests. The ASG fee also goes into a fund that students can make application to for support such as math tutors or other unfunded special needs that students or their centers may need. The fee also supports student scholarships. Student government officers also take part in statewide voter registration drives and government lobbying in behalf of student interest in higher education and related activities.


What is an access fee?

An access fee is paid by all students and helps cover the costs of computer labs, the Library and other course-related services.


Placement, Advising, and Registration

Placement, Advising, and Registration 

Placement Assessment and Testing



How do I get started at BMCC?

Go to www.bluecc.edu, WolfWeb, and then New Student Admissions to complete the admissions form online. Once that is completed, request official transcripts to be sent to BMCC from any other colleges you have attended and complete a 'Transcript Evaluation Form'. Next steps are to apply for FAFSA, if needed, take the placement tests and have th eAdvising & Testing Center assign you an advisor. Once you meet with your advisor you can register for classes.

"Getting Started" in the catalog (which is available online) outlines these steps and will refer you to pages in the catalog that go into more detail about each of these steps.


When do I register for classes?

Registration information is posted on our website at www.bluecc.edu; it is also in the front of the course catalog; and is available from the front counter at each BMCC location.


What if I am not here when BMCC starts registration?

If you have not moved to Pendleton yet, or are taking Distance Education classes and live some distance away from campus, special arrangements can be made to have a phone advising session. Since registration is online, you can do it from anywhere you have internet access.


Where do I register for classes?

You can register online on our website at www.bluecc.edu. Information will be available on the web to show you how and will also be covered in the Timberwolf Introduction (TwI) Program offered each term.


I don't have a computer at home. How am I supposed to register?

Computer kiosks are available at all BMCC campuses and branches for your use. If you do not live near a BMCC site, then you can usually find a public use computer at a city or county library near you.


How long does it take to do the placement assessment?

There are actually three different assessments. The math, the reading, and the writing assessment can take up to 3 hours to complete. Students are encouraged to do them all at once, but if you absolutely cannot be here that long, then you can start and finish later, or just do one assessment at a time.


Do I need to take placement assessment and why?

Placement assessments are mandatory if you plan to take math or writing classes. They are required to prevent you from taking a class that is too easy or too difficult. You do not need to placement assessment if you have 1) completed an Associate of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree, or 2) have taken a math and/or writing class from another college and passed with a "C: or better, or 3) have taken a math and/or writing class for college credit at your high school, receiving a "C" grade or better. However, even if you have a degree, but it's been several years since taking a math or writing class, taking the placement assessment is recommended.


What if I have taken a placement assessment at another college or have taken the prerequisite math and writing classes at another college?

In most cases we can allow the assessments or classes taken at another college to meet the prerequisites for our math and writing classes. You can get a copy of the placement assessment or an unofficial transcript from the college and attach it to a completed "Transfer Prerequisite Override" form which can be found on the BMCC website under "Forms for Students". This can be turned into any BMCC Service Center and will be completed within 24-48 hours. Once it is completed, you can proceed to registering online.


Do I need to make an appointment to take the placement assessment or to have a class test proctored?

Monday through Thursday are drop-in days, however, you can call ahead to make sure the test you wish to take is here. Fridays the Testing Center is closed.


Do I need to bring anything with me when I come in to take a test?

You will be required to show a picture ID prior to testing. We do have calculators for your use, but you can bring your own if you wish.


What are the placement assessment and testing center hours?

For testing hours at any branch other than Pendleton, call that branch directory or refer to the hours posted on the center website.


Does it cost anything to take a test in the Testing Center?

There is $10 fee for placement assessment and no charge for proctored testing for distance education classes from BMCC or other colleges. Fees do exist for outside testing; Go to the Testing Center website for more information.


How do I get an advisor?

If you are a new student, once you have completed an online admission and taken the placement test, you will be assigned an advisor by the staff in Advising.

If you are a returning student and need an advisor or would like to switch advisors, call 541-278-5931, or come to the Advising and Testing Center in Pendleton, Morrow Hall, Room M-117 to get a new assignment.


Who is my Academic Advisor?

If you view your printable student schedule, your Advisor's name will show in the top right hand corner, or any Service Center or Advising Center staff can look this information up for you.


What does meeting with an Academic Advisor mean?

Once you have selected your degree intent, whether it is Business Administration, an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, or Undecided... you will communicate one on one with an Academic Advisor and together you will ensure that the courses that you have selected to take will help you progress towards our educational goal.


What if I'm not seeking a degree or certificate?

If you are not seeking a degree or certificate from BMCC, ensure that your degree intent in WolfWeb is set to "Just Taking Classes". You will not need to meet with an academic advisor; however it is recommended that you still do.


What should I do before my Advising Appointment?

Review the current class schedule, be thinking about what career's interest you, and come prepared to chat.


What happens during the Advising Appointment?

During the appointment your Academic Advisor will ask you questions about:


What do I do after an Advising Appointment?

Register for classes selected by accessing WolfWeb or by fill out a Registration Form. If you have questions or trouble registering contact your Academic Advisor or the Service Center.



How do I get my transcript sent to another school?

A written request must be submitted to BMCC, with the student's signature and $5.00 for the official transcript fee. Transcript Request forms can be downloaded from our website. The link to forms can be found under Apply, Enroll & Register, Student Forms. Follow the instructions on the form.

Student Activities

What clubs and other activities and groups are there for me to be involved with on campus?

BMCC has an Associated Student Government (ASG), which includes officers, senators and student members who plan and host a number of student activities.

In addition, there is a Multicultural Club, a MEChA Club, and a Native American Club, plus the college offers music, art, and photography classes and has a long relationship with the College Community Theater which produces a play each quarter.

BMCC also has seven athletic teams: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s baseball, women’s softball, women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s rodeo. See our Athletics website for more information.

How do I use the recreational facilities?

Check our website for McCrae Activity Center schedules and phone numbers. The MAC supervisor handles all scheduling for outside groups, classes and open gym, weight, swim and other services and activities, or call the MAC at 541-278-5900.