G. Off-Campus Freedom of Students

Blue Mountain Community College students are both citizens and members of the College community. As citizens, students shall enjoy the same freedom of speech, peaceful assembly, and right to petition that other citizens enjoy and, as members of the College community, they are subject to the obligations which accrue to them by virtue of this membership.

Activities of students may upon occasion result in violation of law. Students who violate the law may incur penalties prescribed by civil authorities, but institutional authority must never be used merely to duplicate the function of general laws. Only where the institution’s interests as an academic community are distinct and clearly involved may the special authority of the institution be asserted.

In the case of Blue Mountain Community College's centers and other locations where BMCC services are offered, positive relationships and support from the local communities are paramount; therefore, this Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct document applies to immediate areas surrounding class sites and to off-campus activities related to class attendance.