Veterinary Assistant Certificate

 Human Resources

Intended Program Outcomes:

This one-year certificate in Veterinary Assisting will prepare the student concerted with working in a veterinarian's practice. Skills developed will include:

  • Industry-related employment skills
  • Customer-Patient relations
  • Animal science (care, health, nutrition, overview)
  • Food Animal restraint techniques
  • Veterinary technology equipment (use, maintenance, sterilization)
  • Vet Assistant skills including office, lab and surgery
  • General Education skills in computation, communication and science
The curriculum includes three courses in vet assistant technologies and a cooperative work experience component of 33 hours in the veterinarian’s practice. Students will have hands on instruction in veterinary office procedures, exam room management, animal vitals, care and restraint. Students will be introduced to One Health Occupation Services and will be instructed on disease recognition, control and eradication. This program will have a focus and priority on Food Animals, but will maintain a level of instruction in small animal care. If a student wishes to continue their pursuit of a 2 year degree upon completion of the certificate they may do that as well.
TERM 1  
VT109 Introduction to Veterinary Science
AGR111 Agriculture Computers
MTH070 Elementary Algebra (or higher)
BI101 General Biology
  TERM 1 Total: 14
TERM 2  
VT110 Fundamentals of Veterinary Assistant I
ANS211 Animal Nutrition 4
ANS121 Animal Science
CH110 Foundations of Chemistry 5
WR065 Introduction to Technical Writing 3
or WR227 Technical Report Writing  (4)
  TERM 2 Total: 18
TERM 3   
VT111 Fundamentals of Veterinary Assistant II 3
ANS240 Animal Health  5
ANS122 Animal Science  3
AGR280 CWE AG  2
  TERM 3 Total: 13


Pending State Approval

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)