C. Freedom From Harassment

Blue Mountain Community College is committed to providing a learning and working environment free of harassment.

If a BMCC student objects to offensive behavior or is the subject of offensive behavior by another student, college employee, or other person on college premises, it is recommended that he/she take personal responsibility to make sure the alleged harasser is told the activity or comments are not welcome. Second, he/she should also take personal responsibility not to engage in conduct which reasonably leads another person to believe that comments or inn

uendoes are enjoyed or encouraged. BMCC expects that harassment complaints will be filed when the conduct is serious, clearly offensive and substantially interferes with a student's academic progress, health, safety, or work.

Students at any BMCC location who believe they have been subjected to harassment or offensive conduct should report the alleged act immediately to the Associate Vide President of Enrollment Management, 2411 NW Carden Ave. Pendleton, Oregon, 97801; Telephone: 541-278-5774 or to the Executive Vice President (541-278-5796) at the same location.