Grading System

The quality of student work is measured by a system of grades and by computed grade point averages. All assigned courses, regardless of curriculum, are included when determining accumulative grade point average while attending BMCC.

The grading system consists of the following:

Grade  Interpretation Points
A Superior 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Inferior 1
F Failing 0
* INC Incomplete  
* ** R Repeat  
* W Withdrawal  
* P Pass  
* NP No Pass  
Enrollment Status
AU Audit  
CIP Course In Progress  

* These grades are not used in computing GPA. However, some of these marks will affect financial aid and athletic eligibility.

** An "R" grade is assigned when a student repeats a course. Grades in all prior attempts in the course will be changed to "R" regardless of whether the grade received for the current attempt is better or worse.

The grade point average (GPA) is the quotient of total points divided by total credit hours in which grades A, B, C, D, and F are received. If a course is repeated, only the most recent grade is used in computing the GPA.


INC (Incomplete Grade)

The instructor may assign an incomplete grade when the quality of work done by the student is satisfactory, but the course has not been completed for reasons acceptable to the instructor. An incomplete grade must be made up within one calendar year of the date that the incomplete appears on the grade report. The instructor will inform the Registrar's Office and the student, in writing, of the steps that the student must take to remove the incomplete grade from the record. Additionally, the instructor will assign an alternate grade to be recorded if the student fails to complete the work in the time allowed. An official "incomplete form" must be filled out and signed by the instructor and the student and submitted to the Registrar's Office when the INC grade is given.


P/NP (Pass/No Pass)

Students who wish to use the Pass/No Pass option must elect to do so by the end of the fourth week of the term. Once a student declares the Pass/No Pass grading option, no changes in grading can be made. The student must apply by submitting an application for the Pass/No Pass grading option to the Registrar's Office.

A student may apply a maximum of 12 "Pass" program or elective credits toward a degree at Blue Mountain Community College. This would include all Pass grades earned in regular Blue Mountain Community College classes and those earned from another college or university. This does not include Pass grades earned in course work with obligatory Pass grades or Advanced Placement credits transcripted as Pass.

The Pass/No Pass option is not available in courses being repeated by the student, in classes required in a major, or in classes in the core area required for an Associate of Arts Degree. (Except that Pass grades would be accepted in Advanced Placement Test credit.)

The P grade denotes a level of accomplishment of "C" or better.

Pass grades from other institutions will be examined on an individual basis. If the Registrar determines that the course meets or exceeds BMCC requirements, then credit may be granted.

Students planning to transfer to four-year schools should determine the policy of that school before electing the Pass/No Pass option at BMCC.

In computing credits earned and grade point average, the Pass/No Pass option would be considered as follows:


W (Withdrawal)

A grade of W (Withdraw) indicates that the student followed the formal withdrawal procedure and dropped the course during a specified week of the term.

NC, NCA and W grades are not punitive. They simply indicate what took place. For example, an NC means that there was no basis for a grade. A W06 would indicate that the student withdrew from the class during the sixth week and, therefore, received no grade. The NCA grade is used by the Financial Aid Office in determining the students last date of attendance for state and federal Title IV refund/repayment purposes.


Enrollment Status

In addition to the above grades, a student’s enrollment status may be entered on a grade report or transcript. These include AU for audit and CIP, course in progress.


Grade Appeal Process

The responsibility for assigning grades rests with the individual instructor utilizing their best judgment in accordance with what is deemed fair based upon the requirements of the course and the work performed by the student.

When a student believes that he or she has been awarded an inappropriate grade by an instructor, the first step is to appeal the grade to the responsible faculty member. If satisfaction is not received, the next stop is to appeal to the Executive Vice President/Provost or program coordinator/director.


Grade Point Average (GPA) Renewal Policy

Students who have previously attended BMCC and have earned poor grades often feel discouraged about trying again. In order to encourage these students, Blue Mountain Community College has established a Grade Point Average (GPA) Renewal Policy.

Prior BMCC students who return to BMCC after an absence of at least two (2) years, and who subsequently pass two quarters of work of at least twelve (12) credits each quarter with a 2.0 GPA or better, may petition the Director of Admissions & Records to implement the GPA Renewal Policy. If the petition is accepted, grades for the quarters prior to the one designated by the student will be changed to "No Credit." All courses previously taken remain on the transcript, but the grade point average is adjusted. A notation will appear on the transcript indicating that the grade point average renewal policy was implemented.

The policy may be used only once. Students must be enrolled at the time the policy is implemented. Any courses taken at another college and transferred to BMCC are not subject to the provisions of this policy and are not included in this policy.