Policy IV. C. - Professional Development

To insure that the Blue Mountain Community College Mission and Vision are achieved, qualified faculty and staff will be recruited and retained.  Professional development learning opportunities will be provided to keep personnel in compliance with the needs of the communities and students they serve as well as with the professional, academic, and/or technical state of the art.

Accordingly, the President shall not execute human resources practices that do not

  1. Actively seek personnel with the outstanding potential for contributions to the College and with the motivation and desire to work with the demographics of the District.
  2. Encourage the advancement of the College’s faculty and staff.
  3. Encourage and maintain the standards of professional growth.
  4. Encourage innovations in educational delivery.
  5. Base evaluations on the individual’s efforts toward the Mission and Vision of the College.

Adopted 5/19/99 Revised 06/06/07