Policy II. E. - Board Planning and Agenda

The Board will carry out its responsibilities using a governance style consistent with Board policies by: (a) re-examining Ends policies annually; (b) holding an annual planning session (c) following an agenda at its regular monthly meetings that implements the Board policy on Governing Style; and (d) continually improving its performance through Board education, through enrichening input, and through deliberation.

  1. The Board shall establish, not later than July 1 of each year, a Board meeting calendar, listing the dates and places for the regular monthly Board meetings for the ensuing year.
  2. The agenda for each Board meeting will be mailed to the Board at least six (6) days before the meeting.
  3. Education, input, and deliberation will be paramount in structuring meetings and other Board activities.
  4. The Board will provide an opportunity for public input at each regular Board meeting.
  5. The annual planning session will be held prior to September of each year and will include the following actions:
    1. Reviewing the College Mission.
    2. Establishing priorities and budget parameters.
    3. Developing subjects for Board discussion and action during the following year.
    4. Conducting a Board self-evaluation.
  6. The Board will approve the College budget each June.  The College will submit revised budgets to the Board for approval as necessary during the fiscal year but not more often than quarterly.
  7. The Board normally will not adopt policies and policy revisions until they have been considered at a minimum of two meetings.
  8. Unless otherwise provided in Chapter 341 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, the Board shall conduct all of its meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, with the following exceptions:
    1. The Chair shall have the same voting rights as all other members of the Board.
    2. The Chair may speak in limited discussions without relinquishing the Chair.

Adopted 5/19/99 Revised 06/06/07