Policy I. C. - Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities provide the skills and experiences necessary for success in collegiate course work, entry into a four-year college or university program, entry into the job market, employment sustainability, career advancement, and being a contributing member of society. 

Students will:

  • have accessible, affordable, and current educational programming.
  • have the opportunity to meet the requirements and gain the competencies to transfer to other institutions of higher education.
  • have the opportunity to successfully complete certificate and degree programs with the knowledge, the skills, and the abilities sought by current and future employers.
  • have access to comprehensive programs and services to support learning and to support educational and employment goals in a safe and accessible environment.
  • have opportunity to value diversity and gain competence in communication, computation, human relations, teamwork, critical thinking, computer literacy, globalism, and the exploration of ethical dilemmas.

Adopted 5/19/99
Revised 06/06/07