Policy I. A. - BMCC Mission and Vision

Blue Mountain Community College is a two-year public institution of higher education, whose district comprises Morrow, Umatilla, and Baker Counties, and serves constituents both in and out of the district.


Blue Mountain Community College will be the leading educational and training institution in eastern Oregon.


Blue Mountain Community College will realize its vision by providing high-quality programs for college preparation, college transfer, career/technical, workforce development, and self-improvement that will strengthen the economy and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The College provides dynamic and innovative programs and delivery methods in response to the changing needs of our customers: the students, businesses, industries, and communities of eastern Oregon.


Focus on Student Success in a Premier Learning Environment:

    • Enhance Student Support
    • Enhance Relevant and Comprehensive Curriculum
    • Increase Access Through Innovative Delivery Methods and Systems
    • Develop Employees to Their Highest Potential
    • Strengthen Institution Through Assessment and Planning
    • Increase Resources for Financial Growth and Stability
    • Grow Community Partnerships
    • Integrate and Expand Marketing and Recruitment

Adopted 5/19/99
Mission/Vision Adopted 10/15/03
Revised 1/26/04; 06/06/07

Policy I. B. - Outcomes

The College ensures satisfaction, success, and goal attainment through educational opportunities, lifelong learning opportunities, and community-strengthening efforts.

Adopted 5/19/99

Revised 06/06/07

Policy I. C. - Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities provide the skills and experiences necessary for success in collegiate course work, entry into a four-year college or university program, entry into the job market, employment sustainability, career advancement, and being a contributing member of society. 

Students will:

  • have accessible, affordable, and current educational programming.
  • have the opportunity to meet the requirements and gain the competencies to transfer to other institutions of higher education.
  • have the opportunity to successfully complete certificate and degree programs with the knowledge, the skills, and the abilities sought by current and future employers.
  • have access to comprehensive programs and services to support learning and to support educational and employment goals in a safe and accessible environment.
  • have opportunity to value diversity and gain competence in communication, computation, human relations, teamwork, critical thinking, computer literacy, globalism, and the exploration of ethical dilemmas.

Adopted 5/19/99
Revised 06/06/07

Policy I. D. - Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Community members will have access to affordable lifelong learning opportunities, which will result in enhanced quality of life.

Community members will:

  • have access to BMCC’s libraries, information technology centers, and sports facilities.
  • have opportunity to develop analytical and problem-solving skills in reading, writing, math, and communication.
  • have opportunity to think critically and creatively about contemporary societal issues.
  • have opportunity to engage in experiences in the humanities and fine arts.
  • have opportunity to develop analytical and problem-solving skills in  the sciences, technologies, and environmental studies.
  • have opportunity to engage in activities that promote mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

Adopted 5/19/99

Revised 06/06/07

Policy I. E. - Community Strengthening

BBMCC strengthens the communities it serves by preparing individuals to be contributing members of society, by providing community leadership, and by assisting in economic development of the region.

The communities should view the College as:

  • a local, affordable, timely, and flexible source of needed specialized training for employees and employers.
  • a resource for technical assistance, business counseling services, and expert information.
  • an active, responsible partner in community and economic development and sustainability.
  • receptive and responsive to input for improvement of programs and service.
  • participating in collaborative partnerships.

Adopted 5/19/99

Revised 06/06/07