Registration Procedures

Course numbers

All lower division transfer courses and professional/ technical non-transfer courses are taught as college level classes. Courses with letter prefixes apply toward degrees and certificates. Courses with decimal points in them and courses with numbers below 100 are not college transfer courses. Courses with 100 and 200 numbers are generally college-transfer courses, and those numbered 200-299 are considered sophomore-level courses.

Credit hours

In order to earn an Associate degree in two years, a student should enroll for an average of 16 credits Fall, Winter and Spring term. Sixteen credit hours involves about 48 clock hours of scholastic productivity each week during the term. Check curriculum and program information at the back of the catalog for more specific information on the program or degree of your choice.

This assumes a student begins their academic program as outlined in the program description section of this catalog.

Students participating in Intercollegiate Athletics must enroll in at least 12 credits per term for eligibility purposes. Students are encouraged to visit with their coaches for detailed eligibility requirements.


The responsibility for good attendance is placed upon the student. Blue Mountain Community College believes it is the student’s obligation to attend and participate in classes.

Auditing Classes

Students may register as auditors to preview or survey classes. Students must register for audit status at the time of registration. In general, auditors attend class regularly but are not required to participate fully in the class activities. Classes taken under audit status do not count as credits attempted in financial aid calculations. The audit indicator, AU, may not be requested nor given as a grade because it indicates a registration status, not an evaluation.

Schedule Changes: Adding/Dropping/Withdrawing from Classes

Before the end of the fifth day of each term students may Add or Drop Classes by logging into the Student WolfWeb. After the fifth day of each term students may withdraw from a course through the Friday before finals week (students withdrawing from courses will still be responsible for tuition and fees and a W will show on the transcript). Students are encouraged to meet with their instructor or advisor prior to withdrawal to ensure their academic success.

Financial Aid eligible students should be sure and check with the financial aid office when considering adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes as their financial aid may be impacted. Financial aid is issued based on the schedule in place at the end of the fifth day of each term.

Drop dates for all classes are reflected on the student schedules and bills.