BMCC Students Financial Aid Budget

2007/2008 Financial Aid Student Budgets

The following budgets are based on full-time enrollment for Fall, Winter and Spring term.  If you are attending less than full-time during any part of the academic year, in most cases, your financial aid budget will be pro-rated.  By definition, full time is 12 or more credits in a term.  However, for purposes of establishing a budget, full time costs have been calculated based on 14 credits per term, which has been shown to be the average for full time students at BMCC. 

There are possibilities for adjustments to the budget if you have documented expenses that are not included in this budget, for example child care costs or for programs of study with special budgetary needs such as Dental Assisting, Diesel Technology and Nursing.  In addition, if you are borrowing Federal Stafford Loans and your lender charges an Origination fee your budget will be increased by approximately $50 per term to adjust for fees charged by your lenders.  Contact your Financial Aid Advisor if you have questions about your budget.

The cost of attendance (student financial aid budget), or COA, is based on the following average direct and indirect costs:

  • Tuition and Fees: Set annually by BMCC’s Board of Education. (direct cost)
  • Books and Supplies: An estimate of average costs for the academic year. (direct cost)
  • Room and Board: An estimate of average costs based on double occupancy and off-campus housing. Students living at home will have this amount pro-rated. (indirect cost)
  • Personal and Transportation: An estimate of possible expenses for personal items, clothing, recreation, and travel. (indirect cost)
  • Loan Fees: Covers a portion of the fee for all loan recipients (only added to those students that are charged originations fees by their federal student loan lenders.) (direct cost)


Budget Components

Off Campus

At Home

Tuition & fees
Books & supplies
Room & Board