Scholarship Detail

Pendleton Community Memorial Health Corp Scholarship
Agency: Pendleton Community Health Corporation (PCHC)
Type: Medical or health-related education
Deadline: 05/25/12
Contact: Dan Ceniga
Contact Title: Pendleton Community Health Corporation
Address: PO Box 786, Pendleton, OR 97801
Telephone: 541-276-3182
Description: The PCHC is a non-profit charitable organization that was formed in 1988 from the assets remaining after the closure of Pendleton Community Memorial Hospital. The hospital was founded in 1959 by the efforts and private donations of the citizens of Pendleton and the surrounding area. PCHC's purpose is to promote the medical health activities of the community.
Qualifications: Any individual now residing in Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Athena, Weston, Adams, Helix, and Ukiah may apply to fund medical or health-related education. PCHC considers medical or health-related education to include: medical school, nursing school, dental school, medical secretary training, and research, but does not exclude other possible activities.
How to Apply: Applicants MUST: 1. Agree to use the monies only for the purpose for which they were granted. 2. Be a full time student. 3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA unless waived by the board. 4. Be pursuing a health related curriculum. To apply, download and complete the application form provided and mail to the address above prior to the deadline.
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