Position Description

Title:Nursing Assistant (NA) Instructor
Department:Continuing Education
Reports To:Nursing Assistant Training Program Director
Position ID:33115
Position Term:per notice of assignment
Grade:N/A N/A Part time
Type of Employment:Regular

Position Summary

Provides instructional services for BMCC’s Continuing Education NA (Nursing Assistant) program.  Performs all functions and activities within the guidelines and philosophy set forth in the BMCC  Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan.

Essential Function

Teaches course content as required by the OSBN (Oregon State Board of Nursing).

Evaluates student competency in both the classroom and clinical settings.

Must be on the premises at all times during scheduled clinical hours or have arranged for an OSBN approved assistant instructor/clinical preceptor.

May use other licensed nursing personnel or other licensed health care professionals as trainers for a specific portion of the basic nursing assistant training.

Must be present in the classroom at least 75% of the time that classes are being taught.

Supervises the clinical experience for all nurse aid students.  Clinical preceptors may be used as appropriate. If a clinical is not directly supervised, must assure that the students clinical experience is supervised by an OSBN approved clinical preceptor.  If the student is paired with an aide, that individual must hold a CNA certificate.

Procures oral or written approval from a facility prior to utilizing a facility employee as a clinical preceptor.  (The facility has the right to refuse such approval.)  If clinical preceptors are utilized, submits clinical schedule with facility, students’ names, clinical preceptor, date and time of clinical experience.

Submits to the BMCC Nursing Assistant Program Director a letter of intent to offer Nursing Assistant course, including location, clinical site, dates of course.

Works with BMCC Registrar to ensure that each student has successfully passed the Senior and Disabled Services Criminal History Background Check before clinical training begins.

Submits to BMCC Nursing Assistant Program Director the name of the facilities where the students will have their supervised clinical experience.  The list of facilities for each Nursing Assistant Training Program must be received in the Board office by the end of the first week of classes.

Submits to the BMCC Nursing Assistant Program Director and Director of Instructional Operations, within 2 weeks of completion of a class, a list of students completing the Nursing Assistant Training Program.  The list shall contain the name, date of birth, social security number of each student who successfully completes the class.

Assists students with completion of application process for OSBN certification.

Submit to the College grade sheets with enrollment and completion dates; clinical and skills check sheets for each student; copy of the grade book records indicating grades, student progress, attendance for submission to OSBN.

Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Must be able to pass a Senior and Disabled Services Criminal History Background check.

Must be able to receive and convey ideas effectively.

Must have above average oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.

Requires attention to detail for record keeping per OSBN requirements.

Required Education/Experience

Must hold a current, unencumbered license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Oregon.

At least two (2) years of experience as a Registered Nurse

One (1) year of experience working with geriatric or long-term care clients (recommended but not requried).

Experience in academic preparation for teaching adults; or evidence of equivalent experience.

Other Aspects of the Position

Hours are flexible.  Course requires 150 hours divided into 75 classroom hours and 75 clinical hours.

All aspects of the course are determined by the OSBN.  In all cases, coursework, responsibilities, qualifications and certification will be in compliance with the OSBN.


This position description covers the most significant essential and auxiliary duties performed by this position, but does not include other work, which may be similar, related to, or a logical assignment for the position. The essential duties of this position may change as the position evolves.

I am qualified for this position as described above.


Revised: 11/2013