Position Description

Title:Computer Technology Specialist
Department:Information & Telecommunications Technologies
Reports To:Supervisor, Information Technology
Position ID:41005
Position Term:40 hours per week, 12 months per year
Grade:10 Classified
Type of Employment:Continuing depending of funding

Position Summary

The Computer Technology Specialist position will man the ITT helpdesk; act independently as the designated technical point of contact with vendors and contractors for problem resolution and technical assistance, including the coordination of repairs and upgrades to the RogueNet/WolfTrax information management system; perform basic- and advanced-level installation and preventive and corrective maintenance of ITT equipment and related peripherals and will act independently as a first point of contact with the BMCC user community for problem resolution and technical assistance.  Performs all functions and activities within the guidelines and philosophy set forth in the BMCC Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan.

Essential Function

Install, program, maintain, troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, document and inventorying ITT equipment, components, and systems, including hardware, software, and firmware

Coordinate with and analyze the needs of ITT users; translating needs into hardware, software, and firmware requirements to support upgrades to existing ITT systems/components or the acquisition of new systems/components; participating in strategic and departmental planning, budgeting, and scheduling activities to implement requirements

Participate in cross-training with other ITT personnel to provide robust, interdepartmental capabilities-in-depth for the unit, including, but not limited to, cross-training with Telecommunications Technology (TT) Department personnel and the Systems Administrator

Receive and process requests for problem resolution and technical support from users over the phone, in person, and on-line utilizing installed ITT Helpdesk software

Troubleshoot computer, telecommunications, interactive video, and instructional media equipment configurations and setups over the phone (utilizing remote management tools), on-site, and, when necessary, in the laboratory

Perform basic- and advanced-level preventive and corrective maintenance of ITT equipment and related peripherals

Diagnose and respond to specific networking and server-support issues affecting multiple users within Active Directory

Work with other members of the ITT staff to add or reconfigure network, telecommunications, and interactive television connections

Coordinate the activities of vendors, contractors, and staff to solve problems and provide technical support

Create, maintain, and communicate a prioritized list of tasks to be completed; plan, schedule, complete, and document the tasks

Assist BMCC administrators, faculty, and staff in the appropriate and effective use of technology systems in the context of their assigned responsibilities

Prepare, deliver, and document formal training to other members of the ITT staff and to end users

Maintain records of the configuration, installation, inventory, warranties, licenses, and allocation of hardware, software, firmware, and networks in accordance with approved procedures

Analyze hardware, software, and firmware needs of ITT users; translate their needs into requirements; design or coordinate the design of solutions to meet the requirements; participate in or lead the planning to implement the solutions; support or lead procurement and installation activities; learn and technically support new equipment/component/system installations

Analyze data needs and, when appropriate, develop user oriented solutions which interface with existing applications

Provide input to management to prolong the service life of installed equipment, components, and systems

Recommend improved operational processes to maximize equipment, component, and system efficiency

Perform other duties that, from time-to-time, may be assigned to meet the usual and unusual demands placed on the organization

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Technical knowledge to perform computer troubleshooting

Technical knowledge to perform repair on CPU’s, printers, monitors, networks, and related peripherals

Experience and knowledge with modern personal-computer operating systems and software, e.g., Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the Microsoft Office suite

Clear understanding of technology concepts, including hardware, software, firmware, and their interactions

Experience and knowledge of basic networking, telecommunications, LAN/WAN, and Internet resources

Ability to perform basic and advanced preventive and corrective maintenance

Ability to evaluate the effectiveness of software programs

Ability to learn new operations, set priorities, and work effectively and efficiently under pressure

Ability to follow detailed directions and complete tasks

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Ability to work cooperatively as a team member with strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills

Ability to exercise sound judgment, including appropriate handling of confidential matters

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and students, i.e., the ability to deliver outstanding customer service

Physical ability to handle and transport heavy or awkward equipment and materials (up to 30 lbs)

Ability and willingness to work within established department and institutional guidelines, priorities, and schedules

Technical knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office

Achieve selected Microsoft certifications

Required Education/Experience

High school diploma or equivalent

Completion of a community-college, vocational-school, or industry-sponsored technical training program in information technology OR, at the sole discretion of the college, a demonstration of equivalent qualification through an alternate source of training, education, or experience

A+ certification preferred

Active Directory knowledge preferred

A minimum of three years experience in a technical environment

Customer-service experience

Other Aspects of the Position

Valid Driver License

Willingness and ability to travel to all campus locations, as required

Willingness and ability to work a flexible schedule and additional hours, as required


This position description covers the most significant essential and auxiliary duties performed by this position, but does not include other work, which may be similar, related to, or a logical assignment for the position. The essential duties of this position may change as the position evolves.

I am qualified for this position as described above.


Revised: 02/2012