Position Description

Title:Nurse Educator
Department:Allied Health
Reports To:Vice President of Instruction
Position ID:33102
Position Term:
Grade:N/A Faculty
Type of Employment:Regular

Position Summary

Faculty members at Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) create a culturally diverse learning environment that employs best teaching and learning practices, through various delivery modes in order to meet current and future educational needs of the communities served by the College.  Nursing faculty at BMCC bring to their classrooms and committees expertise and experience that provides a competency-based interdisciplinary curriculum, utilizes alternative pedagogies and learning technologies, promotes collaborative work skills, contributes to student success, supports the College and community, and contributes to the success of the College in achieving its mission.  Guided by principles that emphasize educational programs and student success, especially in learning and continuous improvement, we envision BMCC as a premier learning organization that is in the forefront of community college education.  Instruction includes student nurses in the Associate of Nursing Degree program.  Responsibilities also include those listed in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), chapter 678 851-021-0045.

Essential Function

Includes curriculum development, teaching nursing theory, directing student discussions, selecting learning experiences appropriate for meeting clinical objectives, and evaluating student performance in the classroom, skills labs and clinical settings.

Develops, implements, evaluates and revises policies and standards for the selection, admission, promotion and graduation of nursing students within the framework of the policies of the nursing department and College.

Develops, implements, evaluates and revises statements of policy and procedure necessary for the operation of the nursing program.

Supports the philosophy, objectives and mission of Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) and the nursing program.

Participates in the academic advising of students.

Evaluates student achievement in terms of course and program objectives, and assigns grades for courses according to policies.

Provides for student evaluation of teaching effectiveness and for evaluation/mentoring of faculty within the framework of the nursing department and college.

Interprets the program goals and learning objectives for the students with the staff of the clinical facilities.

Participates in the periodic review of the total nursing program.

Participates cooperatively in local/regional committees to develop appropriate and equitable access to clinical facilities.

Creates an intellectual environment conducive to critical thinking and significant learning.

Engages in scholarly activities and continuing professional growth in clinical practice and teaching.

Participates in faculty activities within the nursing program and committee assignments at BMCC.

Collaborates with other faculty and participates in providing theory, skills lab and clinical supervision to students enrolled in the BMCC nursing program.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

This position requires a demonstration of knowledge and competency in medical-surgical nursing. Duties include lecture/theory courses, supervision of first- and second-year nursing students in clinical settings and assisting with instruction of basic nursing skills and skills labs.

Must be able to effectively perform individually or as a member of a team.

Must be able to convey ideas that facilitate learning.

Required Education/Experience

Masters Degree in Nursing and three (3) years of nursing experience. 

Must meet qualifications set forth by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

Must hold and retain an unencumbered Registered Nurse license, or be eligible to obtain a license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Oregon and Washington states within 45 days of employment.

Must successfully complete a criminal history clearance prior to beginning employment.

Valid Oregon driver’s license within 45 days of employment

Other Aspects of the Position

Must be able to work as needed to get the job done.

Clinical may include 12-hour shifts, so need physical endurance for long clinical shifts.

Requires traveling to various clinical sites in the region.


This position description covers the most significant essential and auxiliary duties performed by this position, but does not include other work, which may be similar, related to, or a logical assignment for the position. The essential duties of this position may change as the position evolves.

I am qualified for this position as described above.


Revised: 01/2012