Job Detail

City of Pendleton Public Library

Contact: Catherine Wick• 541-966-0391• or,
Erin Brady • 541-966-0244 •

Positions Available: 1

Job Title: Technical Services Work-Study

Job Description/Duties:
Responds to the needs of Technical Services Coordinator, providing help with workroom projects and activities by assisting with any of the following tasks: simple mending, filing cards, typing, making items shelf-ready, photocopying, and other projects per staff direction. Applicants will be asked to use standard office equipment and computers to cut, print and prepare materials for use by library staff.

Special Skills:
Good manual dexterity, works well independently, follows verbal and written directions.Alphabetizing skills, grammar and punctuation knowledge needed. Able to perform minute tasks that are time consuming and repetitive. Must have High School diploma or GED, be dependable and prompt.

Terms Needed: Winter & Spring

Other Info: